Emma Heming promises to always stand by Bruce Willis

When Emma Heming vowed to be with Bruce Willis through thick and thin, the model wasn’t kidding!

The beautiful brunette is famous for stealing the Hollywood veteran’s heart a few years after his divorce from actress Demi Moore. Despite the 23-year age difference between the couple, the lovebirds enjoy a happy relationship, blessed with two daughters.

After the famous actor retired due to health problems, the Hollywood Walk of Fame recipient was in the loving care of his family. However, his struggle to protect his wife’s privacy and well-being during this difficult period was misunderstood by the public.

Here’s what Heming had to say about those who condemned his concern for Willis!

Emma Heming hits out at critics who claimed she used her husband’s health as a stepping stone to fame

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis at the closing night of NYFF

A month after the ‘Die Hard’ actor’s battle with frontotemporal dementia was announced, his beautiful wife has responded to allegations of his impure intentions. One Instagram video, the former spokeswoman for La Senza lingerie cleared the air about her actions.

Dressed in a blue top with her luscious brown hair falling in soft waves, the runway alum looked gorgeous, rocking a bare face and animal print glasses. “I just saw something about getting my five minutes, which is great,” the 44-year-old began his emotional speech.

“Which means you’re listening,” continued the Maltese. “So I’m going to take my five minutes and turn it into ten because I’m always going to stand by my husband.”

The media personality noted that while the public is paying attention to her, she continues to raise awareness of frontotemporal dementia. In addition to letting the world understand her husband’s plight, the model planned to use her platform to give credit to caregivers, whom she called “unsung heroes.”

Heming became emotional and stated that he would not let the hatred undermine his efforts and vowed to use his pain to shed light on the disease. “I’m turning my grief, my anger and my sadness around and doing something good around something that feels less,” the host announced.

And as for those who mistakenly judged his intentions as a ploy to gain fame, the “red” star’s wife sternly warned the haters at the end of the speech. “So watch this space because I’m not here to play,” the 44-year-old said, echoing similar sentiments in her caption.

“Here, my 5 minutes turned into 10. I have sat in silence for too long and I am ready to be embraced by this solid and loving community that my family and I find ourselves in as we try to lift them up. Return. Let’s go,” reads the caption of the post.

In addition, Heming added the hashtags “#ftdawareness #dementiaawareness #caregiversupport” to emphasize her commitment to her husband’s illness. The words of the Maltese-born woman touched the hearts of thousands who praised her in the comments.

The tribute was led by the “Live Free or Die Hard” star’s daughter from a previous marriage, Scout LaRue Willis. The 31-year-old woman greeted her stepmother with this kind message: “HELL YES! I am so proud of you!”

MBE global make-up artist Ruby Hammer joined in the praise, writing: “You are strong and your voice is getting louder and louder… I’m watching this space and I’m always here to support you.”

Fashion journalist Laura Brown wrote: “Drive it like you stole it, lady. We’re with you.” Although this post came a day before International Women’s Day, it was heartwarming to see these icons show their support for Heming.

Bruce Willis’ wife asked the paparazzi to respect her husband’s space

Before dropping her latest Instagram post, The Blast reported that Heming confronted the paparazzi on her social media a few days ago. In the clip, the 44-year-old appealed to media outlets not to hurt Willis in search of juicy stories.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis.

“This is for photographers and videographers trying to get my husband’s exclusive creations out. Just make room,” said the model. “I know it’s your job, but maybe just stay put.”

The mother of two explained that as a dementia patient, the paparazzi cannot shout at the Hollywood veteran or try to get his attention with loud voices. “Give him a seat,” pleaded the New Jersey Hall of Fame inductee’s wife.

“Let’s make it possible for our family or whoever is with him that day to get him from point A to point B safely,” added the model, noting that lack of dementia awareness puts her husband at risk from uneducated media personnel.

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