Emily Blunt has revealed Cillian Murphy’s shocking ‘Oppenheimer’ diet

Emily Blunt recently spoke about his co-star Cillian Murphyhis extreme diet is “Oppenheimer” movie. The actress opened up about her almond-only diet, which caused Murphy to “lose weight” during filming.

Murphy previously talked about his diet for the film, saying he “loves to play with his body.”

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Emily Blunt talks about Cillian Murphy’s extreme diet

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During a new interview SeparatelyEmily Blunt talked about Cillian Murphy’s extreme diet while filming “Oppenheimer” alongside Matt Damon. Murphy went on a drastic diet to transform his body into that of the famous scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer.

He said: “He had such a monumental undertaking. And he could only eat one almond every day. He’s so emaciated.” Both Blunt and Damon spoke with them recently Fun tonight about the time of filmmaking. It was revealed that Murphy skipped most of the cast dinners because he was on an extremely restricted diet for the film.

Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy and Florence Pugh attend the UK premiere of Oppenheimer

Damon said, “We invited Cillian over for dinner every night, but she never went,” and Blunt added that Murphy “most times ate an almond or a little slice of apple.” Damon later added, “He lost so much weight that he just wouldn’t eat dinner.”

“Oppenheimer” was directed by Christopher Nolan and will be officially premiered on July 21. In the film, Murphy plays Oppenheimer himself, the famous physicist known as “the father of the atomic bomb.” Blunt plays his wife Kitty and Damon plays General Leslie Groves. The film also stars “Black Widow” actress Florence Pugh, who plays Jean Tatlock.

Cillian Murphy says his diet isn’t ‘healthy’

Cillian Murphy

Murphy himself previously spoke about his character’s diet. He spoke in May New York Times and said, “I like acting with my body, and Oppenheimer had a very definite physicality and silhouette that I wanted to get right.”

The “Peaky Blinders” star said she worked with “costumes and tailoring” to make her body look as close as possible to Oppenheimer’s. He stated that the famous physicist was “very slim, almost emaciated, living on Martinique and cigarettes.”

However, the actor made it clear in other interviews that his diet was unsafe and not recommended for others. He said The guardian, “You become a bit competitive with yourself, which is not healthy. I don’t advise it.”

Murphy also refused to reveal what foods he cut out of his diet to get to Oppenheimer’s size, or how much weight he ended up losing. He said: “I don’t want it (in the headlines) to be ‘Cillian lost X weight for the part’.

Emily Blunt has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors

Oppenheimer characters

Blunt, like Murphy, has also been the center of rumors about recent changes to her body. A recent report from here Page six it included claims from several fans who believe Blunt underwent cosmetic surgery right before the film’s press tour.

It was a topic of debate on Twitter, with several fans sharing their opinions on whether or not the actress had surgery. One fan wrote: ‘Is it just me or does Emily Blunt’s face look different?’ Another commented: “I prefer Emily Blunt and the filler she put on her face. She looks like Madonna.”

Several fans speculated that the “Edge of Tomorrow” star had “too much Botox” on her face to cause the changes. Another compared Blunt’s new look to that of music icon Madonna, who is well known for her facial fillers.

Emily Blunt is taking time off from Hollywood

Emily Blunt is taking a break from acting to overcome her emotional burdens

Blunt recently revealed that she is taking a break from her film career. During an appearance on iHeartTable for two with Bruce Bozzi” podcast, the actress talked about wanting to schedule more family time.

He said: “I am not working this year. I worked quite a bit last year, and my oldest baby is 9, so we’re in the last year of single digits.” However, Blunt’s comments hinted at her “quitting” Hollywood.

In an interview Deadline clarified his statements at the “Oppenheimer” premiere, saying, “Honestly, this story is so over the top. I’m just taking a little break, I’m not quitting Hollywood. I just took a few months off to be with the kids.

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