Emilia Clarke Doesn’t Need Dragons To Fly, Shows Trapeze Skills!

Many Hollywood stars have rather interesting hobbies but none hold a wick to Emilia Clarke who, when not working, basically flies through the air, for fun. And no, we’re not talking dragons on stunts, or planes, we’re talking trapeze!

Emilia Clarke Wants To Sign Up For Cirque De Soliel

Emilia Clarke loves the trapeze!
Instagram | Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke just shared a set of pictures and video that had fans gripping the edges of their chair, because she’s having a blast, on a TRAPEZE. Her caption was also as cheeky as it could be as she wrote, “When on strike? Trapeze. From a backflip to a face plant, it’s the journey that counts.”

In a hilarious move, she also hashtagged, “#yocirquedusoleilwheredoisign,” plus told fans that the tense expression on her face was not fear, further adding “#fyithatsgamefacenotfearformyface.”

The bold move left followers fanning over their Khaleesi, writing. “All Hail to the Dragon Queen.”

Of course, she has made her love for this, err, sport, public earlier as well. When asked by Marvel.com as to what her best day ever was. on set, she revealed it was during the filming of a fight scene. The said scene is between her character, G’iah, and Gravik, in the series “Secret Invasion” and it seems Clarke had a blast performing all the stunts, especially the one which had her suspended on wires.

The scene was to show she was flying and Clarke likened it to riding theme park attractions like trapeze or roller coasters. Said the “Game of Thrones” star, “There was a part of this fight where I was on a (stunt) chariot. Then I was doing all the running, but I wasn’t actually running. I was on a chariot, which was being pulled by a car. And then my favorite bit is they put me on the wires! I literally was like, this is my best day ever. I’m a theme park-riding kind of gal. Give me a trapeze. Give me a roller coaster. It felt exactly like that. I just kept giggling. I couldn’t stop giggling. It was genuinely the funnest day I’ve ever had on set – ever, ever, ever.”

Then there is this fun day, which left her fans a tad breathless!

Fans Appreciate Their Khaleesi Or SuperGirl

Emilia Clarke has an important message for her fans
Instagram | Emilia Clarke

Clarke’s thousand-watt smile and her sense of humor, often sets her apart from her peers, as is visible in the picture above, which she captioned, “Mum got me a mug. I felt it was important to share this newfound wisdom. Use it and reap the rewards.”

She did f—ing great on the trapeze as well. Given that Emilia Clarke basically looked like she was flying, fans were all over with their comments, referencing “Game of Thrones” although some deviated into SuperGirl territory…

The comments read:

“Other actors go by car and plane And Emilia – Where are my dragons?”


“so you can literally do ANYTHING?!”

“Wow Emilia, respect. I couldn’t stop looking at it. It gives me a kind of calm because it looks so perfect.”

Several warned her to be careful as well, because there were no dragons around, while others wanted to know why she was flying without Drogo around.

Meanwhile, when she’s not flying, she’s stealing cars from little kids, and getting away with it!

MCU Fans Did Not Appreciate “Secret Invasion” Despite Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke as Gai'a in MCU "Secret Invasion"
Instagram | Secret Invasion

While Emilia Clarke will forever go down in history as Khaleesi, fans aren’t all that impressed with her MCU appearance in “Secret Invasion.” Not only do they kill off Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), as well as Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), but they also show Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) basically taking a backseat to G’iah (Clarke). She is the one who battles evil Skrull Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) and somehow, it left fans disappointed.

Now Clarke may understand the MCU fans’ disappointment but she’s a pragmatist. She addressed the same, saying that even if there are disappointing choices, complaining about it doesn’t help much. Said Clarke, “We’ve already done it so there’s not much I can do.”

Guessing we just have to grin and bear it, like she does.

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