Elton John hopes to end AIDS by 2030, launches $125 million fund

Legendary singer Elton JohnElton John through his AIDS Foundation is said to have started the Rocket baseA $125 million initiative to combat rising rates of HIV infection. The musician expressed optimism about ending AIDS by 2030, saying it was “possible and achievable”.

In addition, the 76-year-old introduced the “Release your inner Elton” social media campaign to raise awareness about AIDS and HIV. The foundation’s 26 years of work have significantly impacted HIV treatment worldwide, from less than 300,000 to more than 20 million.

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Elton John says ending AIDS by 2030 is “possible and achievable”.

Elton John

According to the Daily Mail, Elton John has expressed optimism about ending AIDS by 2030 as he recently launched a new initiative called the Rocket Fund. This three-year fund, worth a total of £101 million (about $125 million), aims to address rising rates of HIV infection within vulnerable communities.

In an interview “Good morning America” (GMA), the 76-year-old musician emphasized the continued work needed to fight AIDS, saying, “We still have work to do, but that’s why I’m starting this, we want to end the AIDS situation by 2030. he thinks it’s possible (and) doable, so we just want to move forward.”

The fund supports more than one million people accessing vital HIV prevention and treatment services. This includes facilitating testing, administration of antiretroviral therapies, and pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV (PrEP).

Elton John presents Unleash Your Inner Elton on Social Media


As well as launching the Rocket Fund, Sir John launched a social media campaign called ‘Unleash Your Inner Elton’. This initiative aims to raise awareness about AIDS and HIV by encouraging individuals to reference the iconic music legend on various social media platforms.

“Let’s get the message out, ‘Unleash your inner Elton,’ let’s raise the money, get it done, and dust it off.” Daily Mail. “I’m going to challenge some of my friends… I’m going to challenge Michaela Jae Rodriguez, Neil Patrick Harris and JoJo Siwa to see what they can do.”

The Elton John AIDS Foundation has achieved remarkable milestones in 26 years. Their efforts have reached millions of people in 26 different countries, providing vital HIV information, support and care to save lives and protect loved ones.

The foundation also played a decisive role in preventing nearly one million HIV-infected babies from being born. In addition, their work has secured more than £300 million in additional funding from governments and funding partners, making a significant impact on the fight against AIDS.

JoJo Siwa Lets Her Inner Elton Out In Support Of The Rocket Fund

Following the announcement of the ‘Let Your Inner Elton Out’ challenge, singer and dancer Siwa decided to don the legendary musician’s iconic fiery red dress to support the Rocket Foundation.

On Instagram, Siwa wrote: “I’m releasing my #InnerElton to help fight LGBTQ+ stigma. Everyone has the right to live their true self, find happiness and feel loved. Join me in supporting the Elton John AIDS Foundation and donate now @ejaf.”

While talking People magazine Speaking about the Rocket Fund, the former Nickelodeon star said: “This new Rocket Fund launch is going to be such a great thing for the world because I think it’s going to educate and fund and just raise awareness — more than that — and help. take away the stigma.”

He added: “It’s going to be a very beautiful thing.”

The Elton John AIDS Foundation’s global campaign against HIV/AIDS

Elton John at "The Lion King" European film premiere

Since it was founded in 1992, the charity has expanded HIV treatment from less than 300,000 to more than 20 million people worldwide.

In a heartfelt statement per Daily Mail, the “Cold Heart” hitmaker emphasized the importance of the foundation’s mission, especially in our current circumstances. John expressed his unwavering optimism, personally and on behalf of the entire foundation, about their ability to make a positive impact on people living with HIV and AIDS.

Elton John performs in Porto Cervo Sardinia Italy

He went on to elaborate on the nature of their work, especially in a world full of uncertainty, stating: “At this time of great uncertainty in the world, EJAF’s work is more important than ever and we remain firmly committed to meeting unmet needs. People living with and living with HIV/AIDS and combating stigma as a major driver of the global AIDS epidemic.”

He added: “We believe that everyone with access to quality healthcare and everyone at risk of HIV should be empowered with the best knowledge and tools available to prevent infection, no matter who they are, who they love, what they believe, where they come from they are coming. or what they do.”

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