Elizabeth Theranos enlists in prison, companions include Jen Shah

Elizabeth Holmes, convicted of fraud involving a failed blood testing company Theranos he’s going to jail today.

Elizabeth Holmes reports to FPC Bryan with Jen Shah

Jen Shah arrives at Manhattan Federal Court on January 6, 2023 in Manhattan New York

The disgraced fraudster is put behind bars before the end of the day. No more appeals or delays; time to face the music. He reported to FPC Bryan, and if that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because you’ve been hearing about it a lot lately.

“This is his former home.” Real Housewives of Salt Lake City alum Jen Shah. He has been behind bars for several months for fraud-related offences. The popular Texas-based federal prison is just over an hour outside of Houston.

The prison also housed reformed criminals such as Michelle Janavas, who became famous for her role in the college admissions scandal; Jenna Ryan, of those captured in the 2021 Capitol attack; and Lea Fastow, an Enron assistant and wife of Andrew Fastow, pleaded guilty to tax evasion and failing to report more than $200,000 in income.

Who the hell is Elizabeth Holmes?

Elizabeth Theranos reports to prison today, among her fellow inmates is Jen Shah

Here’s a quick update. Holmes founded a company called Theranos which boasted the ability to gain in-depth knowledge of the body, including the diagnosis of major diseases such as cancer and diabetes, all with “a drop of blood”.

He had been repeatedly told by the Ivy League school dropout scholar that it was essentially impossible, and he wasn’t the first to try to debunk the idea. Still, the willful attrition trumped the hatred.

Months and years later, Holmes’ company is lying to investors, struggling to produce accurate data, and putting the lives of millions of Americans at risk. He was eventually charged with four counts of wire fraud and conspiracy for falsely claiming that Theranos’ blood tests could achieve exactly what they could not.

Her business partner and her then-undercover relationship (now a mother of two), Ramesh Balwani, must pay a combined $452 million in damages to the investors she defrauded because she refuses to accept the truth.

Elizabeth Holmes tried to stay out of prison

Elizabeth Theranos is reporting to prison today, with Jen Shah among her fellow inmates

The 39-year-old man repeatedly appealed against the court’s decision. Her last successful appeal was last month, when she asked for and was granted another month with her two young children and her husband, Billy Evans.

But time is up, Holmes. He begins his 11-year, three-month prison sentence today. There are 655 inmates in the minimum security prison. It’s not a vacation either; the women there have to work for little pay and follow the structure and rules of the prison.

Elizabeth Holmes in prison
FPC Bryan

Pay starts at $1.15 an hour, according to information on the jail’s website. A quick search showed that Holmes’ records had not yet been uploaded to the prison system, but no doubt, like Shah and others, his details, such as his release date and ways to email or contact him, were listed.

Elizabeth Holmes was an example

FPC Bryan Women's Prison in Texas, where reality star Jen Shah requested to serve her sentence, and Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes will begin prison.

Holmes’ conviction shocked many because no one believed that someone running a healthcare company would be so lazy in terms of performance. The buzz around Silicon Valley is that Holmes is an example of not being able to fake it until you make it.

Holmes’ life will soon be very different, living off her rich husband’s family money to fund Green Gables on a $135 million estate. It’s not just a sucker for her, but while she was waiting for the conviction, she thought it wise to procreate, and now she’s leaving her two children behind.

Her young children, William and Invicta, are reportedly allowed to have video calls with their incarcerated mother and visit her on weekends and federal holidays. Phone calls can last 15 minutes each, and inmates get 300 minutes a month.

Turn on the 11 years and 3 months in prison ahead of us. For your kids’ sake, hopefully good behavior can shave a few years off.

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