Ed Sheeran reveals that Eminem’s songs improved his speech

English singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran full of praise for the Hip-Hop legend Eminem as she shared that the rapper helped her cure her stutter as a child.

Sheeran, who was recently cleared of plagiarism by a Manhattan court, said that singing along to Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP” helped him improve his speech and cure his stutter.

The ‘Shape of You’ singer recently released his sixth studio album ‘Subtract’, which saw him achieve his sixth consecutive UK number one entry.

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Ed Sheeran credits Eminem for helping him cure his stutter

Ed Sheeran in the Budapest broadcast of MTV EMa 2021

Ed Sheeran, 32, has revealed his remarkable journey in overcoming a childhood stutter, as he attributes much of his success to the influence of rap icon Eminem. Insider.

In a candid conversation with “The Howard Stern Show” last week, Sheeran shared that listening to and rapping to Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP” helped him overcome his speech impediment.

Recalling the transformative effect of Eminem’s lyrics, the Thinking Out Loud singer said: “Learning the record and rapping back to back cured my stuttering.”

Ed Sheeran talks about his relationship with Eminem


During her conversation with Howard Stern, the “Castle on the Hill” singer shared candid insights about the nature of their relationship and the creative camaraderie they’ve developed.

It all started when they first collaborated on the chart-topping hit ‘River’ in 2017. Since then, the duo, known for their incredibly different musical styles, have come together to create a relationship that transcends genres and engages fans worldwide.


“I think it’s different with Eminem because he’s quite withdrawn, he doesn’t see and meet as many people,” Sheeran said. – I’ve known him for six years and we did three songs together; I played him twice on stage. He’s another person I relate to because he’s still in his hometown and has the ecosystem around him.”

Sheeran and Eminem performed “Stan,” Eminem’s 2000 hit featuring Dido, after the rapper was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Recalling the opportunity, she shared, “I was like, I can’t say no. I can not. So, right after my music video, I got a plane, flew there for the song, and then flew back that night. Worth it.”

He was convicted of plagiarism

Ed Sheeran at the film premiere in London yesterday

In a highly anticipated decision that could have cost the singer huge damages, a federal jury in Manhattan found Sheeran not guilty of plagiarism charges. The explosion.

The months-long trial centered around allegations that Sheeran misappropriated musical elements of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” in the chart-topper’s hit “Thinking Out Loud.”

However, a federal jury, after careful deliberation, reached a unanimous decision in which Sheeran was found not guilty and acquitted of wrongdoing.

Ed Sheeran has announced his new album "Subtraction" based on his struggles and fears
Instagram | Ed Sheeran

Grayling Notice boardthe “Shape Of You” hitmaker was sued by Kathryn Townsend Griffin and Ed Townsend’s other heirs, who claimed he “knowingly and intentionally” infringed on the song and stole the “heart” of one of the “instantly recognizable songs.” in R&B history.”

Sheeran maintained his innocence throughout the trial, vehemently denying the allegations of plagiarism and claiming that, like many artists, he drew inspiration from a variety of musical influences. His legal team presented a strong defense, highlighting the fundamental role of creative inspiration and the similarities that arise in musical compositions.

Ed Sheeran is considering a switch to country music

Ed Sheeran performs outside the Pop Up Store in NYC

In an unexpected turn of events, the “Perfect” crooner revealed his deep desire to explore the world of country music. Notice board.

Known for his heartfelt ballads and infectious pop hits, Sheeran has captivated millions with his soulful lyrics and mesmerizing guitar skills. However, he has now revealed that he is happy to embark on a new musical path.

He was invited to perform at the recent Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards in Frisco, Texas, where he made the revelation.

Ed Sheeran has announced his new album "Subtraction" based on his struggles and fears
Instagram | Ed Sheeran

“I always talk about this with my wife. I would like to move to the country,” he told the publication. “I love the culture of it; I just love songwriting. They are like brilliant songs.”

He shared that he is a big fan of the genre and that he and his wife, Cherry Seaborn, play it all day in their home.

“I lived all over Nashville in 2013 and 2018,” he said. “He left a lasting impression on me. I love country music and I feel accepted here. This is great.”

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