Drunk Disney guest arrested for throwing a table at an employee

THE Disney guest the visitor from Oklahoma was arrested after drinking too much, assaulting a cast member and then running backstage. EPCOT.

Patrick Delehanty, 33, of Coweta, Oklahoma, was also charged with trespassing. Walt Disney World after receiving the first warning.

The guest gets drunk and attacks the Disney character

EPCOT Disney World
Disney Parks

The 33-year-old man visited Disney World on February 9. However, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office recently released the arrest report.

Based on WDWNTaccording to the newly released arrest report, Delehanty had a “meltdown” at EPCOT after drinking too much and lying on the floor in the rain, assaulting a cast member and running backstage in the World Showcase’s Mexico Pavilion.

Delehanty wore a Hawaiian shirt that caught the eye of many onlookers and cast members as he lay on the ground in the rain at World Showcase.

A Disney World Guest Experiences manager who happened to be nearby saw the incident and came over to see if he could help Delehanty’s friend, but that only seemed to upset Delehanty even more.

“While waiting for a wheelchair, Patrick became aggressive, standing up and yelling,” the arrest report states. “Patrick then picked up a pole and tried to swing or throw it at (Disney’s guest experience manager) who was afraid he was going to get hit. The pillar Patrick picked up was tied to a second pillar, so he couldn’t strike with it. Patrick quickly picked up the pole before slamming it to the ground. Patrick then picked up a table and threw it.

After seeing how aggressive and distraught Delehanty was, the Disney World Guest Experiences manager told other cast members and guests to stay away for their own safety. That’s when the 33-year-old Guest attacked the Character.

“Patrick walked over to her left side and hit her in the face with his hand. Patrick pushed (the guest services manager) his head back during the follow-up,” the arrest report continued.

Delehanty runs into the backstage area

EPCOT Disney World
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As more cast members arrived to help, Delehanty began yelling and ran into a backstage area off-limits to guests and attempted to enter one of the buildings. However, he did not get far, as the representatives appeared. Although Delehanty was not immediately arrested, he was taken to the hospital, according to the arrest report. They also invaded from Walt Disney World.

The WDWNT report went on to state, “A Disney operations manager cooperated with the guest services manager’s account of that night and said he saw Delehanty, who was ‘drunk,’ take off his Hawaiian shirt, roll it up and throw it over someone’s chest. as well as throwing a table over the railing. The arrest report was partially redacted, but the operations manager also saw Delehanty hit the guest services manager.”

The guest services manager initially did not want to press charges. Still, after waking up in pain the next day and visiting Disney Health Services to learn she had a strained neck, shoulder and back, she changed her mind. He wanted to file criminal charges against Delehanty, according to the arrest report.

Deputies then tracked down Delehanty at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, where he was staying with his family.

When he spoke to authorities, he remembered visiting EPCOT and drinking alcohol at a bar, but after that he had no recollection. He was arrested and booked into the Orange County Jail.

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