Drug Dealer Connected To Michael K. Williams Gets 3 Years

The talented actor Michael K. Williams, known for his iconic roles in “The Wire” and “Boardwalk Empire,” tragically passed away due to a drug overdose, leading investigators to trace the illegal substances back to their source. After a lengthy investigation and litigation, the drug dealer connected to the fatal incident is handed a nearly three-year prison sentence.

Drug Dealer Linked To Michael K. Williams’ Tragic Death Gets Sentenced 

Carlos Macci faced justice on Tuesday as he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for his involvement in the overdose death of the star. The arrest came as part of a drug trafficking investigation, with the elderly drug dealer being one of four men charged in connection to the tragedy. 

In addition to his 30 months in prison, there will be three years of supervised release. As part of his sentence, Macci will also spend the first year in an inpatient drug treatment facility.

In a heart-wrenching moment before the verdict was announced at the New York City courthouse, he addressed the court, stating with remorse, “I would like to say, your honor, I’m sorry for what has happened.”

Michael K. Williams at the 71st Emmy Awards

According to NBC News, the 72-year-old entered the Manhattan courtroom with his hands cuffed and a slightly hunched posture. Sporting a mostly bald head and a grey beard, his gaze remained fixed on U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams as she delivered his sentence. 

Williams’ nephew, Dominic Dupont, expressed his feelings outside the courtroom, reflecting on the somber nature of the day. He stated, “Today was a sad day. There are no winners here. We lost an amazing human being.” 

In case you missed it, in September 2021, the “When They See Us” actor tragically passed away at 54. His death was attributed to consuming heroin laced with Fentanyl, a purchase he made the day before in Brooklyn. 

When it happened, authorities intensified their search for the drug dealer reportedly linked to the incident. The New York Police Department had reportedly honed in on a suspect they believed could be connected to the drug overdose. 

The ongoing criminal investigation was centered on locating the individual responsible for delivering the fatal product to the award-winning actor. Law enforcement was actively investigating the source of the narcotics discovered at the scene of the “Bullet” actor’s death.

At that time, the exact cause of his passing remained unclear, but officers suspected it was related to a “heroin-based” substance. According to reports, it was located on the star’s home’s kitchen table and could have been laced with Fentanyl. 

‘The Night Of’ Star’s Nephew Opens Up About His Battle With Substance Addiction

Michael K. Williams at the 2019 Garden Of Laughs Comedy Benefit

In the aftermath of Williams’ passing, Dupont, who tragically discovered his uncle’s body, bravely discussed the “Third Watch” guest star’s struggle with substance addiction and his efforts to improve his life before the fatal overdose. 

The grieving nephew’s heartfelt appearance on the “Red Table Talk” shed light on the beloved uncle he cherished and the challenges he faced on his journey. In a teaser clip released before the episode, the native New Yorker opened up about the “Law & Order” guest star.

Dupont said he noticed no signs of his uncle struggling with addiction, stating, “He was doing well. He was working on a book. It did not appear to me that Mike was sliding back into addiction.” 

He added that since his return home – after being out of prison for four and a half years – he observed no indications that Williams was “overwhelmed or dealing with major issues.”

In his candid conversation, the “Tamron Hall” guest shared that the Independent Spirit Awards winner made a conscious effort not to burden those around him with his struggles. He admitted, “He was an actor, right? And you know, you can fool people. You can fool people that you’re okay.” 

While he could not be sure if the late Critics Choice Award winner was hiding his addiction struggles, Dupont was resolute about one thing concerning his passing, declaring, “What I would say is this: I’m positive that he would not have knowingly taken Fentanyl. I know that like I know my first name.”

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