Drew Barrymore says her ‘Scream’ character could have survived

“I’m sure the C-section is comparable to what happened to her,” Barrymore said of her iconic cold-blooded murder in the 1996 film.

Drew Barrymore may have defeated Ghostface.

The 1996 “Scream” star teased that despite his iconic cold-opening murder, his character Casey Becker may still be alive and ready to return to the enduring franchise.

“It’s funny. I never thought of it that way, but I’m sure a C-section is similar to what happened to her,” Barrymore said on “The Drew Barrymore Show” (via Entertainment Weekly). “Like literally.” And here I am! I’m fine! So maybe Casey Becker will be OK.”

The “50 First Dates” actress teased, “Anything can be accomplished with good writing…I’m so glad this franchise is still such a viable commodity.”

“Scream VI” brought back a supposed dead character, Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby not only survived the “Scream 4” stabbing, but is now thriving as an FBI agent.

“I thought he was dead! I’m so confused,” franchise star Courteney Cox said of Panettiere’s character before the “Scream VI” premiere. “There were so many… It’s so interesting how people came back. I have to remember.”

He added: “I’m so excited to be a part of something that’s been going on for so long.”

Rumors have also swirled that “Scream” alum Matthew Lillard, who played one half of the original Ghostface Killers alongside Skeet Ulrich in the 1996 film, will appear in some capacity despite his character’s presumed death. Ulrich played his character from beyond the grave as the late father of the new franchise’s protagonist, Melissa Barrera.

As the “Scream” franchise, now led by Radio Silence co-directors Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett after the death of Wes Craven, continues to look back to previous films, it’s entirely possible that Barrymore and Lillard could return.

Rose McGowan, whose 1996 character was killed multiple times by a garage door, told IndieWire that she also sees a way to return to the franchise.

“I don’t want to act anymore. It is none of my business. But I always thought (for my ‘Scream’ character) that Tatum should have had a twin brother who came back and was like ‘hell no’ and had dark hair and got revenge,” McGowan said in 2020. world, I thought it would have been a really smart item. You still could. You could still have a twin who was maybe institutionalized and got out and is like “On”. It could have been a shame for the family, because the family was perfect.”

McGowan confirmed that she would be willing to return to acting just for a “Scream” role: “I would play the nurse who was institutionalized and came out and wreaked havoc.”

Parker Posey recently revealed that the “Scream” team visited him during a play on Broadway. The “Beau Is Afraid” actress said ComicBook.com is hoping to return to the franchise after he was seemingly killed off in “Scream 3.”

“I actually said, ‘Can I go to another dimension and come back?’ Posey said. “I hope so. I’d love to. It was really fun. I can’t believe Wes Craven let me get away with some of the stupid things I did. I loved him and it was fun. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.”

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