Drew Barrymore reflects on her strained relationship with her mother

Drew Barrymore recently reflected on his relationship with his mother, Jaid.

The actress, who comes from a family of actors, shared in a recent interview that during her childhood, she often wished her mother was dead because of their bad relationship.

He also noted that he consciously tries not to dwell on his past and is not attracted to people who blame others. In a previous interview, he talked about his mother sending him to a mental institution at the age of 13.

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Drew Barrymore talks about her relationship with her mother

Drew Barrymore

is talking to New York MagazineHollywood veteran Barrymore has spoken candidly about her strained relationship with her mother Jaid, saying she “can’t wait” for her to die.

As part of the reveal, the actress, who had a troubled childhood with her mother, shared that she often wonders why her mother is still alive while her friends’ mothers are “gone”.

He said lawsuit Daily Mail, “All their mothers are gone, but my mother is not. I don’t have that luxury. But I can’t wait.”

Barrymore explained that while she has complicated feelings for her mother, she doesn’t want to be in a place where she wishes for someone’s untimely passing just for her own personal growth.

He added: “I want her to be happy, prosperous and healthy. But I gotta damn grow up even though it’s on this planet.

He does not dwell on the pains of the past

Drew Barrymore

Doubling down on her comment, Barrymore said of her mother: “I don’t care. I don’t know if I ever knew how to be completely guarded, shut down, not feel, build the wall.”

He also shared that he doesn’t dwell on his past hurts or blame others for those ordeals. “I make a very conscious decision not to look at my life as what was done to me,” said the actress. “I want to see it as what I did and what I chose. I’m not attracted to people who blame others. I don’t find it sexy.”

But growing up under these circumstances took an emotional toll on Barrymore, who said she wished she could give herself a “royal break”.

He noted, “I’ve been a circus bear all my life. I swear to god, if the ringmaster left the tent, I’d be the ringmaster and start flagging myself.

Drew Barrymore has previously spoken about her problems with her mother

Drew Barrymore

You can find out more about Barrymore’s issues with her mother in her interview The Guardian in 2015.

During the conversation, he noted that his mother “exploited” him and sent him to a mental institution at the age of 13. Barrymore called that time her “lowest time” and also revealed she was “angry” because her “parents” weren’t there. him.

On the other hand, the actress benefited from her time at the institute, saying it gave her “amazing discipline.”

He said: “It was like a serious recruit training and boot camp, horrible, dark and very long, a year and a half, but I needed it.

“I needed all that crazy discipline. My life was not normal. I was not a normal school child. There was something very abnormal and I needed a serious change.”

Drew Barrymore’s success story

Drew Barrymore The Empire State Building hosts Drew Barrymore-NYC

When she left the institution after 18 months, Barrymore emancipated herself from her mother and began a life of her own.

Nowadays, he is multi-hyphenated, his talent helps him spread his tentacles between hosting, acting, producing and authoring.

In 2013, she launched a line of cosmetics under the Flower banner, which now includes perfumes, hair care products and eyewear. It also expanded with other household, wine and clothing businesses.

Over the years, he has received numerous accolades for his acting, including a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. It also received numerous nominations – seven for Emmys and one for the British Academy Film Awards.

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