Drew Barrymore interviews Allison Williams as M3gan

Barrymore dons her horror movie doll wig and pantyhose, crawls around the studio floor and fights off falling eye contact in a segment of her daytime show.

Drew Barrymore as "M3gan"

Drew Barrymore as ‘M3gan’ on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’


Since “The Drew Barrymore Show” premiered in 2020, the talk show hosted by the beloved star of “Santa Clarita Diet” and “ET” has grabbed headlines for dozens of bizarre, often borderline absurd segments — like the Barrymore era. interviewed cast of “Dear Evan Hansen” while (somewhat inexplicably) portraying Josie Geller, the lead in her 1999 romantic comedy “Never Been Kissed.” That interview had an unofficial follow-up to Wednesday’s show, where Barrymore called Allison Williams into the studio, dressed as the main character in the Girls star’s latest film, the horror hit M3gan.

In “M3gan,” Williams plays a roboticist and toy inventor who develops a lifelike robot doll to look after his orphaned niece, but the creation has tragic consequences in the intended programming. Barrymore, the latest Oscar nominee to announce her guest appearance on the show, surprises the actor by wearing M3gan’s ensemble from the movie — a brown dress with tights and a blonde wig — along with unsettling blue eye contact that repeatedly falls out. Barrymore doesn’t stop at dressing up as a horror star, crawling on the floor and talking about killing dogs in reference to the events of the film.

“I’m just continuing to adjust in real time to this happening,” Williams said during the interview. “Just to note the possible delay in my reply.”

Barrymore’s interview won’t be the last time Williams comes face-to-face with the dementia baby. A sequel to “M3gan 2.0,” titled “M3gan 2.0,” has already been greenlit by Universal, with Williams returning to star and produce alongside her on-screen niece, Violet McGraw. Since its release on January 6, the film – a collaboration between horror megaproducers Jason Blum and James Wan – has proven to be a financial success, grossing more than $125 million at the worldwide box office on a production budget of just $12 million.

Watch clips from the “M3gan” segment of “The Drew Barrymore Show” below.

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