Doja Cat will break sanity at the 2023 MET Gala

He broke the rules in style! Doja Cat kisses her sober goodbye as she steps on Anna Wintour’s toes.

The caramel-glazed beauty needs no introduction, given her outstanding versatility as a singer, rapper and producer. The 27-year-old shares her eccentric personality online when she’s not ruling the music charts.

Before making her way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for this year’s Met Gala, the viral queen made a splash on the red carpet, with the Los Angeles native flouting the event’s smoking restrictions by beaming on camera.

Doja Cat Caught Vaping Gala Debut After Previously Going Sober

Doja Cat arrives to celebrate the 2023 Met Gala "Karl Lagerfeld: The line of beauty" May 1, 2023 in New York

On May 1, celebrities from the entertainment and fashion industries paid tribute to the late designer Karl Lagerfeld. The star list also included international stars from South Korea such as Blackpink’s Jennie Kim.

As seen in a viral video that was shared Twitter, the K-Pop star was interviewed on the red carpet by social media influencer Emma Chamberlain when the “Say So” singer was thrust into the spotlight with her unruly act.

Despite dressing in a spectacular tribute to Lagerfeld’s beloved cat Choupette, the ARIA Music Award nominee didn’t stick to her feline role.

As Jennie answered Chamberlain’s questions, the Los Angeles native happily frolicked in the background, undisturbed by the camera as she blew out clouds of smoke. The Grammy winner appeared to be smoking to pass the time, waiting for the internet personality to interview him.

For obvious reasons, smoking was prohibited at public events, especially an art museum — especially since Met Gala host Wintour banned the act with her foot. However, the “Kiss Me More” singer broke prom rules and violated the milestone of sobriety.

In August 2022, Doja proudly announced that it was Vape-Sober for over two months in an Instagram Live session. The five-time AMA winner filmed her stunning figure in a black bikini and red blanket as she painted on a canvas.

“I stopped vaping.” This is day 70 of no vape. Day 70! You are proud of me?” The Billboard Music Award winner wielded a brush. “70. day, no steaming. I would like to smoke a smoke in the name of love,” admitted the media personality.

The Los Angeles beauty quit vaping months after undergoing tonsillectomy. The “Go to Town” artist took to social media to share the sad development, explaining that he had to cancel his planned tour with The Weeknd due to his health.

Following the announcement, the caramel-toned rapper took to Twitter to comment on his nicotine addiction. The VMA winner noted in a series of messages that she had an abscess on her tonsils caused by vaping.

Although she was given antibiotics to relieve her symptoms, her condition worsened to the point where her negligence required surgery. The “Better Than Me” singer forgot her medication at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, where she vaped and drank alcohol.

After fans cried out for Doja to stop the harmful act, the 27-year-old admitted it was addictive. “Throwing them out just creates panic. I’m addicted, but I’m not weak,” the singer wrote, promising to cut back on her nicotine intake.

The hip-hop star looked purring at this year’s Met Gala with cat prosthetics

Doja attended the highly anticipated annual Met Gala dressed as Lagerfeld’s white Burmese cat, Choupette. The Los Angeles native used prosthetics and incredible fashion details to achieve the cat-like look.

For her debut at the prestigious fashion event, the “Get into It” singer’s stylist, Brett Alan Nelson, collaborated with Oscar de La Renta’s creative director, Fernando Garcia, to create the perfect evening gown.

Doja Cat arrives to celebrate the 2023 Met Gala "Karl Lagerfeld: The line of beauty" May 1, 2023 in New York

Decorated with hand pearls, the creation sparkled in the night with its silver design, creating a cat-like atmosphere with its face-fitting hood and cat ears. The lower half of the outfit features a fluffy, white train, while the cut-out at the back gave the figure-hugging number a risqué effect.

Doja complemented the cat’s appearance with facial prosthetics created by artist Malina Stearns. The sleek cat-like look included a cat-shaped nose and eyes, said to be the singer’s idea because her stylist didn’t want her outfit to look like a ‘costume’.

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