Doja Cat Fans Behind Deactivated Accounts Demand Apology

Doja Cat‘s loyalists have their claws out!

In the virtual realm of social media, where likes and followers reign supreme, the unexpected can happen when fans find themselves blocked or entirely shunned by their beloved idols. For the fervent followers of the artist, the latter became an all-too-real ordeal. But now, silenced no more, the netizens have rallied together, demanding an apology from the chart-topping sensation. 

Outraged Doja Cat Fans Demand Apology 

The “Juicy” rapper found herself in hot water with some devotees after posting disparaging remarks directed at her fan base. Last weekend, the 27-year-old took to Meta’s “Threads” to address the cybernauts who refer to themselves as “kittenz,” urging them to put their phones down and “get a job.” 

Tensions escalated when she even went on to dismiss the idea of having a fan base nickname altogether, suggesting that the entire account should be deleted and reevaluated. To fuel the fire, the “Woman” singer declined a request from one fan to express her love for them, bluntly stating, “I don’t though because I don’t even know y’all.”

Doja Cat at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards - Pressroom

In the aftermath of intense interactions with several enthusiasts, prominent figures in the “Kittenz” community, such as “@DojaNews,” “@thekittensroom,” and “@DojaHQs” on Twitter, expressed their dissatisfaction by deactivating their accounts. Another account, “@dojacatbrazil,” also announced an indefinite hiatus.

The online feud has reignited a larger discussion on the responsibilities and expectations that come with celebrity status. The owners of the first two accounts opened up to NBC about their decision and desire for an apology from the “Mooo!” artist. 

Jamun, who wished to be identified only by his first name for security reasons, emphasized, “She needs to just come out and apologize and be sincere.” Meanwhile, the second, Amir, shared his perspective on the dynamic between celebrities and their followers, stating:

“Artists don’t owe fans anything outside of surface-level respect. It’s a 50/50 thing, you know? I respect you for what you do, and you respect me in return for that support.” 

He stated that the decision to deactivate the account was a way to clarify that their support could be withdrawn at any time. He added, “We do so much campaigning and promotion for her that isn’t worth it if her comments are how she really feels.” 

Amir was particularly surprised by Doja Cat’s Threads posts, as they contradicted her positive attitudes towards the fan community. He recalled their meeting last year when she expressed love for the page, making her current comments feel out of character and unexpected.

Doja Cat draws "Attention" standing naked
Instagram | Doja Cat

However, not everyone shares the same convictions as the netizens who expressed concerns. Some online users criticized these fans, arguing that they were crossing the line by trying to dictate the TV star’s personal life. One person pointed out:

“This is exactly what’s wrong with stan culture and parasocial relationships people out here thinking they can tell their favs who to be with like no.”

The ‘Kiss Me More’ Singer Faces Social Media Fallout Loses Instagram Followers

Due to her controversy with fans, Doja Cat’s social media presence has taken a hit. The record producer deleted her Threads account, and according to reports, her Instagram follower count plummeted by nearly 200,000 followers. 

In an interaction with one of her followers, the Grammy-winning rapper was reminded of a poll she held on Twitter in 2020 to choose a name for her supporters. 

The person pointed out the previous poll, to which the “Late Night with Seth Meyers” musical guest responded by explaining that she made the poll during her teenage years when she struggled with alcohol, adding, “My fans don’t call themselves s**t.”

According to the Daily Mail, she recently faced criticism for defending her boyfriend, Jeffrey Cyrus, after fans called him out. The couple confirmed their relationship in November 2022 and were later seen sharing a kiss on a yacht.

However, following the release of the yacht photos, the comedian became the subject of sexual misconduct and grooming accusations from several individuals. 

Reacting to the criticism directed at her boyfriend, the “Post Malone’s Celebrity World Pong League” guest star expressed her frustration on both social media. In a blunt tweet, she clarified, “I don’t give a f*ck what you think about my personal life.”

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