Dog The bounty hunter reveals the secret child

It seems Dog the bounty hunter chased too much treasure in his youth. The former bail commissioner, famous for having 12 children, recently announced another addition to the family.

Duane Chapman, better known by his affectionate nickname “Dog”, is a media personality who gained notoriety for his pursuits as a bounty hunter. The much-publicized portrayal of Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster made the Colorado native a TV series.

The 70-year-old enjoyed stardom alongside his late wife Beth Chapman, who tragically passed away on June 26, 2019 after a challenging battle with cancer. While remembering the late bounty hunter typically brought tears, the significance of his death changed in Dog’s eyes.

Duane “Dog” Chapman reflects on how his recently discovered son redefined his late wife’s death

Duane Dog Chapman and his late wife Beth Chapman

On the fourth anniversary of her death, the “Bounty Dog” star did not honor the memory of his late wife by sharing her pictures or writing sentimental letters. Instead, the TV personality updated hers Instagram page with news about his recently discovered son.

The former bail bondsman posted a picture of his latest offspring, a grown man named Jon. The presenter’s child resembled a younger dog, wearing dark shades like his father, while having a similar build and facial features.

In the moment, Chapman posed with his arms around his new wife, Jodi, flashing a sweet smile for the camera. In his caption, Duane admitted that after mourning Beth’s death, he saw her passing in a new context thanks to his son.

The “Dog’s Most Wanted” star said the previously sad day was “redeemed” by the birth of Jon on the same day. The ‘Dog and Beth: On the Hunt’ star’s message read:

“For the past four years, this day has been a terrible reminder of one of the biggest losses of my life. But God redeemed that day when I found out that my son, Jon, whom I recently met, was born on this day.”

“So now this day has new meaning instead of sorrow. This is my son Jon and his wife Jodi,” the proud father of thirteen continued, spotlighting his newest offspring and newfound daughter-in-law.

Instead of shedding light on Jon’s background, the ex-convict teased fans with the juicy details. The media personality added a quick promo for her upcoming memoir: “Jon’s full story is told in my new book, Nine Lives and Counting, coming SOON.”

“Please, anyone who has suffered a terrible loss, know that God restores and redeems. Happy birthday my son; love you guys,” Dog concluded his post, offering no further tributes to his late wife. That omission didn’t go unnoticed by fans, who called out the Colorado native for disrespecting Beth.

Duane Chapman unveils Secret Child on 4th anniversary of Beth Chapman's death

“What about Beth?” someone asked, while another warned Duane to move on, writing: “Don’t forget Beth; I miss him so much.” A third commented that they were happy the host had found her son; however, they wished he had put up a “Memorial for Beth”.

Other fans saw the blessing of the late bounty hunter’s relationship with Jon, with one person commenting: ‘Cheers to new memories on this day! Beth sent me in the right direction to find her son. It’s a sign from him. You still got it!!”

Beth Chapman’s daughter recalls their precious memories on the fourth anniversary of her death

Unlike her father, Bonnie Chapman celebrated her late mother’s memory with an emotional post. In honor of the fourth anniversary of the reality TV star’s death, the internet personality took to Instagram with a lengthy message showing how much he missed the blonde beauty.

The internet personality shared a picture of Beth dressed in bounty hunter gear and holding what appeared to be a bumper sticker. Alongside the picture, the social media influencer wrote a touching caption that began: “Today marks four years without you; I’m so grateful for all the memories you’ve given me.”

The 24-year-old claimed that the ‘life lessons’ taught by her mother rang in her ears daily and that she was driven by ‘good intentions’. Bonnie’s message also included a list of recently deceased loved ones — her grandmother, two family friends and her dogs — who she claimed were by Beth’s side.

Duane and Beth Chapman

– I couldn’t imagine a better audience; although I wish I could hug you today, I know your arms are full and your heart is full of love,” the grieving girl continued, adding that her life revolved around meeting the 51-year-old’s expectations.

Part of Bonnie’s tearful conclusion read: “I do everything for you and I know you’re proud of me. I stood my ground and stayed true to myself, just like you taught me all my life. Today, four years ago, I held your hand for the last time, but I know we will meet again.”

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