DJ Khaled and his wife, who can’t wait to add a daughter to their family

Although DJ Khaled and his ever-supportive wife Nicole Tuck are parents to two adorable boys, they want and are working towards a bigger family.

The couple’s firstborn son, Asah, was born in October 2016, while their second child, Aalam, was born in January 2020.

They intend to add a third child to their brood, and they recently went public with that as well, announcing the gender they want!

DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck are talking about having a baby girl

Khaled and his wife have been “praying and trying for a girl,” according to his words to her Page six at the Shawn Carter Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Gala. The event was held on Tuesday, July 14 in New York and hosted by Jay-Z and his mother, Mrs. Gloria Carter.

DJ Khaled and his wife Nicole Tuck

The phenomenal DJ also spoke about his sons, who he trains for hard work amid the widespread controversy surrounding the entertainment industry’s ‘non-babies’. “The kids hang out with mom and dad every day and see us work every day,” she shared. “So this is how you teach your kids how to hustle.”

Khaled continued, “You bring them around greatness and you bring them around love. Every day I tell Asahd and Aalam that if they want sneakers, I tell them that daddy has to work hard to keep buying boxes and boxes.

Nevertheless, he and his wife guarantee that the boys will always have what they want. “That’s what every mother and father strives for,” the 47-year-old explained. “But we also want them to be able to grow up and do what they want.”

She also mentioned that she and Tuck have done everything for their kids, so she wanted them to “take the blessing to continue the legacy and take it where they want to go.”

In another chat with him Hollywood lifeKhaled and his partner talked about how they’ve made their relationship work over the years despite fame, busy careers and children. As the record executive gazed lovingly at Tuck on the red carpet, he called him his “best friend,” before she cut him short: “You always have to be real.”

Khaled then emphasized that they are a “pure and true family” whose “happy moments” are the “happiest” as he paid special tribute to his wife of more than a decade.

“But, my queen, you always keep it real,” he continued. “And I always keep it real. You have to be real and pure in every relationship.” Additionally, the All I Do Is Win producer believed that for any relationship to work and be true, the couple must “stand by each other” through the good times and the bad, and “even when it’s raining.”

He gushed more about his partner, saying he felt blessed to have a ‘queen’ who has his back, while declaring he would do anything for her as he ‘gets her back, front, sides, head and toes’.

DJ Khaled with his wife Nicole Tuck, sons Asahd and Aalam,

Although Khaled and Tuck are trying to have another child, the record producer once mentioned in a 2021 interview with US Magazine that “whatever God gives” is fine. He further stated, “Me and my queen, we talk about it every once in a while… She just had two boys, our two beautiful boys, and (I want to) make sure she’s right.”

The author of the keys said that the birth of his sons was the best feeling of his life

Becoming a father was a “dream come true” for Khaled, something he had always wanted for most of his adult life. Thankfully, God blessed him with “two beautiful sons” through a “wonderful mother” which made him declare in 2021. interview: “It’s the best feeling I’ve ever felt in my life because it’s pure.”

The Grammy winner never hesitates to show off her sons on social media, starting with Asahd, whose birth she documented on Snapchat. The 6-year-old seems to be following in his father’s footsteps, as he’s been spotted helping out in the studio several times on social media.

He is also a great older brother to Aalam, whose name was originally not revealed at birth, but was announced by Khaled when he accepted the Grammys in 2020.

With sons DJ Khaled, Asahd and Aalam,

The 3-year-old also loves music and learns a lot from Asahd, as their father revealed in April 2021. Khaled told PEOPLE at the time that the youngsters “will forever protect each other because they ‘love each other so much.’

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