Disney guest bites off part of woman’s finger during fight

Last week, The Blast reported on a related incident an adult who hit a child in the face with a dog leash at Disney Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Now another incident happened here The most magical place on Earth that includes a guest bites off another guest’s finger.

Guests fight over fireworks at EPCOT

EPCOT Disney World
Disney Parks

A California guest visiting Walt Disney World was hospitalized in December after another Disney guest bit off his middle finger during an argument at EPCOT.

According to the reportthe Orange County Sheriff’s Office released information about the incident nearly four months after the Dec. 13, 2022, fight.

During Harmonious, EPCOT’s now-defunct fireworks display, a fight broke out between two Guests – the California woman and her family and Emily, a 26-year-old woman from Pennsylvania.

According to the police report, Emily blocked the California family during the night’s show and then elbowed someone in the family. Someone in the family confronted Emily, prompting the 26-year-old to “go into a rage” and attack one of them, scratching the unidentified California native’s face.

The California woman then “attempted to separate relatives from Emily,” according to the report. “As he pushed Emily away from him and his family, Emily bit his middle finger and began kicking, yelling and screaming at him and his family,” the report continued.

Emily then tried to leave the scene. However, the California family reported him to a Disney Cast member who tracked him down, so he was kept out of sight.

California woman notices part of her finger is missing

EPCOT Disney World
Disney Parks

Later, the woman, who was visiting Disney World in California, noticed she was bleeding, to which a sheriff’s deputy “observed that the fleshy part of her middle finger was missing,” according to the report.

Several people, including Emily, had scratches from the physical altercation.

Law enforcement interviewed Emily, who denied doing anything wrong during the incident. According to the report, “Emily said she was beaten by several people. He stated that he was beaten and did not know why he was handcuffed. Emily was restrained after making comments about self-harm and her “out of control behavior,” according to the police report.

Emily, who was later revealed by law enforcement to have mental health issues, sought mental help after being detained.

The 26-year-old was placed on Baker Aacted — an involuntary hold for up to 72 hours for people to receive emergency mental health care.

Emily has not been charged, according to Orange Circuit Court online records.

This is not the first incident that has been reported at Disney Parks. Last week, The Blast reported on an incident involving an adult hitting a child in the face with a dog leash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

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