Disney executive Dave Hollis’ cause of death is a mixture of the heart

Former Disney executive Dave Hollis the cause of death was revealed. THE astonishing results not what you expect from a Disney employee.

Dave Hollis had a bad heart and a history of drugs

Disney executive Dave Hollis' cause of death A mix of heart problems and drugs

Hollis was 47 when he died unexpectedly in February. The Travis County Medical Examiner performed an autopsy on the author. Hollis was found to have lethal amounts of cocaine, fentanyl and alcohol in his system at the time of his death.

obtained by People, the autopsy also revealed that Hollis’ death was ruled an accident and the official cause of death was accidental overdose. It has since been revealed that Hollis had a history of alcohol and drug abuse.

The medical examiner also determined that he had high blood pressure and depression, which may have contributed to his death. Hollis did not appear to be very healthy as the medical examiner listed a number of ailments that plagued his body.

Hypertension and atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases were the other conditions mentioned, the latter being mentioned because of the “narrowing and hardening of the blood vessels supplying the heart”.

Dave Hollis had an enlarged heart

Disney executive Dave Hollis' cause of death A mix of heart problems and drugs

The motivational speaker’s enlarged heart had calcium build-up in the aorta. His lungs were filled with fluid and his brain was swollen. The ME also noted that Hollis had “natural heart disease that would have predisposed him to the development of cardiac arrhythmias, particularly in the presence of stimulant drugs such as cocaine.”

At the time of his death, a family representative said Hollis died at home and went to the hospital to have his heart examined just before his death. Hollis’ ex-wife Rachel Hollis shared a message about the upsetting news.

“We are devastated, I have no words and it breaks my heart to find them.” He added: “Please keep the children in your prayers as we try to navigate the unimaginable.” The former couple was married for 16 years before divorcing in 2020.

Hollis was Disney’s head of theatrical distribution from 2011 to 2018. Films produced by Disney in which Hollis was involved included: Black Panther and Frozen among many others.

Dave Hollis dated Heidi Powell

Disney executive Dave Hollis' cause of death A mix of heart problems and drugs

At the time of his death, the executive was in a serious relationship with fitness guru Heidi Powell. She eventually took to social media to express her sorrow and grief for her children and hers who were affected.

“It wasn’t supposed to end this way,” he opens his message. “When we posted this photo 2 years ago to announce our love and celebrate your birth, I think we both had different ideas of how our story would turn out. It didn’t look like that.”

She continued: “You loved me so much Dave. You loved your children and your people very much. Your heart was too big for this world… and I was the lucky one to see and experience the greatness and depth of your infinite love.”

Hollis is survived by four children by Rachel Hollis.

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