Diego Luna thought “Andor” was too perfect to make

“Throughout the whole process, we did exactly what we thought was best,” Luna said. “We never thought anything else was important but the show.”

Diego Luna

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Tony Gilroy’s “Andor” was seen by many as the artistic adrenaline shot needed for the “Star Wars” series. The series, which follows a group of impoverished rebels before the events of “Rogue One,” has won praise for taking the franchise in a darker and more realistic direction after years of bland nostalgia. Many fans were surprised that Disney would take such a risk on such a bold show, a sentiment shared by some of the creative team.

In a new interview with him The Hollywood Reporter, star and producer Diego Luna opened up about his doubts about the series. While he says he always believed in Gilroy’s artistic vision, he admits that at one point he thought it was too bold to be a viable Hollywood product.

“I always had a feeling that it wouldn’t see the light of day until it did. I continued, “This is too perfect. It works,” Luna said. “The whole idea, I always thought, ‘That’s impossible.’ Throughout the process, we did exactly what we thought was best. We never cared about anything else but the show. The writing took the time it needed and we got the best possible cast. So everything just kept getting better and better and I always had the feeling that something had to go wrong. But not. We got the freedom and support from Disney and Lucas (film). We had Kathy (Kennedy)’s confidence behind the show.”

Ultimately, Luna said the success of “Andor” restored some faith in the idea that it was possible to make high-quality, artistically nourishing art within the Hollywood system.

“In this industry, you keep hearing that it’s impossible and it’s not happening. I grew up with the cinema and art that I love not being popular, but I love this show,” she said. “I recommend this performance to the audience, not only as an actor or producer. So it wasn’t just about the opening. Many times throughout the process I found myself amazed and surprised that this was happening. And I was proud of it. Even today, I feel not only lucky, but lucky to be a part of something and to work with people I believe in.”

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