Derek Jeter welcomes the world’s first ‘Lil Man’

Derek Jeter father of four! And the father of a boy for the first time after his son’s surprise birth last week!

Derek Jeter has a full house

Derek Jeter is coming to the Today Show

The retired baseball player took to Twitter to share the exciting news that his wife of eight years, Hannah Jeter, has secretly welcomed another pup into their fold! He wrote, “Kaius Green Jeter 5-5-23.”

The little one joins big siblings Bella, 5, Story, 4, and River Rose, 17 months. Fans didn’t know Hannah was expecting again, and they didn’t reveal why they kept the news low-key while their other pregnancies weren’t.

Derek Jeter welcomes the world's first 'Lil Man'
Twitter/Derek Jeter

Regardless, the little guy is here, and fans are anxiously awaiting pictures of Jeter’s first son. Jeter and Hannah don’t often make public appearances with their kids, so who’s to say when we’ll get a picture of the little boy?

Fans last saw the girls in public in 2020, when their father was honored as a New York Yankees Hall of Famer. Hanna was pregnant with River at the time.

Derek Jeter and Hannah Jeter have 10 years

Derek Jeter welcomes the world's first 'Lil Man'

The couple tied the knot in 2016 after Jeter proposed in 2015. But they met in 2012 and started dating. Shortly after tying the knot, the couple welcomed daughter Bella in 2017; the story followed, and in 2021 the sweet River Rose.

The family is growing fast! Fans are excited and shocked that Jeter has become a father to a four-year-old right away. “2041 Yankee,” one hopeful follower wrote.

Native USA he was sure they were both ready for each other. “#parentslove looks great on you guys and you’ve been practicing a lot! Practice makes perfect, practice makes and loving hearts! We are honored to follow you, Mom and Dad.”

“YESSS! YESSSSS! Congratulations Cap. We got a short in 21 years!” wrote another baseball fan. “I’m adding him to my fantasy team right now,” joked another.

‘Sleep Deprived’ Dad Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter welcomes the world's first 'Lil Man'
Instagram/Derek Jeter

The athlete clarified that he was involved by changing his Twitter bio to “Insomniac father of four”. When he retired as a shortstop in February, he vowed to be the best father he could be.

She shares pictures of herself playing with her three daughters in her garden. “How do you stop time?” she asked her follower what pace her kids were going. When she talks about her kids, she says it’s a mess.

“This is controlled chaos. This is the school pick-up and drop-off; they do my nails, toenails, makeup and lipstick. It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced, but my girls, they’re the best,” she mused during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Hannah shared the same message on her Instagram regarding baby Kaius news, but she’s also keeping quiet about her latest release.

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