Deal Or No Deal’ Exec Disagrees With Meghan Markle’s Claims

Months after Meghan Markle accused hit show ‘Deal Or No Deal’ of reducing their briefcases to ‘buds’, the central cast is denying the Duchess’ claims.

The former Hollywood sensation attracted attention after her marriage to King Charles’ second son, Prince Harry. Although the brunette stepped down as a royal working alongside her husband in 2020, the influence of the media personality has not diminished.

In 2022, his accusations about TV production carried considerable weight. However, there are two sides to every story and the hosts of the long-running show have finally broken their silence.

‘Dial or No Deal’ exec hits back at Meghan Markle’s criticism of Game Show’s treatment of models

An employee of Banijay, the company responsible for the game show, recently spoke candidly about the production in an interview Species. Lucas Green, the organisation’s head of content, shared his thoughts on the Duchess of Sussex’s assessment of the programme.

Meghan Markle felt like a 'bud' on 'Deal or No Deal'

Last year, the former actress reflected on her days on the American version of “Deal Or No Deal.” The mother-of-two said she left the TV show because it reduced the briefcase models to “objective buds”.

Asked if he agreed with her statement, Green disputed the 41-year-old’s comments: “No, but we’re constantly evolving the format so that it’s not the same show that it was 15+ years ago.”

“We are working hard to modernize our formats to ensure they represent our values ​​as a company and more broadly. The UK version, for example, will still use members of the public to open the boxes (instead of models),” explained the Banijay executive.

Although Green defended the program by pointing out that briefcase models were not used in the UK among other changes, it should be noted that Markle’s criticism stemmed from the game show’s US arm.

In an episode of the media personality’s podcast ‘Archetypes’, the Duchess of Sussex recalled her harrowing experiences on ‘Deal or No Deal’. While serving as a briefcase model, the global ambassador for World Vision Canada claimed she was not appreciated for her intelligence.

Citing her previous job as an “intern at the US Embassy in Argentina, Buenos Aires,” where she worked with Treasury security, the 41-year-old explained that her former employer valued her brain. On the other hand, the presentation of the game emphasized its beauty.

“I had a very cute idea of ​​what we should look like. It was all about beauty – and not necessarily brains,” the Duchess claimed, stating that the models were groomed to perfection before each show.

Meghan Markle's 'Deal or No Deal' briefcase is up for auction

Aside from having to sit in various make-up stations, including applying eyelashes, extensions and bra padding to suit her purpose on the show, the Los Angeles native recalled the humbling behind-the-scenes goings-on.

“When I look back on that time, I’ll never forget that one detail — because it was moments before we went on stage,” the media personality began. “There was a woman who ran the show and she was backstage and I can still hear it.”

“Then he couldn’t pronounce my last name properly and I knew who he was talking to because he said, ‘Markle, smoke it!’ Markle, inhale it!” continued the Duchess of Sussex.

While she was grateful for the job, the “Harry & Meghan” star noted that she didn’t like the emotions she endured during her time on the show. “I would end up leaving with this pit in my stomach, knowing that I was so much more than what was objectified on stage,” the 41-year-old explained.

Howie Mandel supported the princess narrative amid fan backlash

After Markle revealed her time on “Deal or No Deal,” the former actress came under fire for her opinion. However, Howie Mandel defended the former actress by sharing similar feelings about the TV show.

The Canadian comedian, who hosted the game show for more than a decade, opened up about the seemingly controversial affair in a 2022 interview. The Hollywood Walk of Fame inductee said he didn’t understand why the public made a big deal out of the royal narrative.

“I get it because — I’ve never said this before — but they had this pyramid of 26 beautiful, intelligent women standing there and they were just staring at me like I was a piece of meat,” the 67-year-old began, noting that he could relate to Markle ” to the feeling of being “objectified”.

“I was in the center, just in a suit, and I felt like I’d rather not be here. And they were looking at me and I didn’t have to do anything,” Mandal admitted, revealing that this is what led her to become a judge on “America’s Got Talent.”

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