Dave Bautista: ‘The Cooler’ ‘Uncut Gems’ Meet ‘After Hours’

Safdie and Scorsese have influences behind Drew Pearce’s next script about a Miami bouncer looking for redemption.

Dave Bautista may not be in a rom-com yet, but the action star is cutting a surreal adventure story with his next film.

The “Knock at the Cabin” star teased his upcoming project with screenwriter Drew Pearce (“Hobbs & Shaw,” “Hotel Artemis”) as a combination of the Safdie Brothers and Martin Scorsese sensibilities.

“I have a project with Drew Pearce again and we worked together on ‘The Cooler,'” Bautista said. Collision. “It’s basically this crazy weekend guy who’s a bouncer in Miami just trying to redeem himself. So there it is, but it’s kind of “After Hours” meets “Uncut Gems”. It’s quirky and funny, suspenseful and exciting, but also heartfelt. I’m very adamant about doing things that have heart to them.”

Bautista gave an update on the script’s progress, adding, “Drew, you know, was busy with (‘Mission: Impossible’) so that’s what he was working on. He’s got some issues to deal with now, but hopefully he’ll start writing the script soon.”

The “Onion” actor recently told IndieWire that while he feels too old to play Bane in the DCU, he’s open to joining the Superman universe as Lex Luthor.

“Someone mentioned something on Instagram that I saw tonight and they said, ‘Listen, it’s Dave Bautista as Lex Luthor,’ and I thought, really interesting, Bautista said. “I might call (DC Studios head) James (Gunn) to see if anyone comes to mind, but that’s more appealing to me at this point in my life and career than playing Bane. You know, I turned 54 last week, and playing Bane, I think they have to start with someone younger and someone fresher and someone who physically, you know, takes on the role. I certainly couldn’t do it now and I would never do injustice to a character like that, which means a lot to DC fans or superhero fans in general and myself. So I just wouldn’t.”

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