– Danger! Jake deals with DeArruda’s controversial behavior

Fresh – Danger! champion Jake DeArruda she is currently facing backlash on social media for her behavior on the show.

The 23-year-old won three games in a row last week, earning a total of $86.00, but his streak ended last week. Although she is no longer on the show, some fans of the game show are still not happy with her behavior. He made several facial expressions throughout the episodes and even interrupted “Jeopardy!” host Ken Jennings.

Now a longtime producer of the show is speaking out about the backlash.

– Danger! Fans don’t like Jake DeArruda’s behavior

Jake DeArruda in danger

Fans took to Twitter to voice their frustration with DeArruda, even claiming he was the most annoying competitor to date.

“Jake DeArruda is the most insufferable contestant in Jeopardy history! She almost makes Mattea Roach look bearable,” one fan tweeted.

“@Jeopardy Can you find a more annoying contestant than Jake DeArruda???” said another.

While another tweeted: “How about Jake DeArruda show some civility when he’s on stage with Alex Trebek at Sony Pictures Studios? Enough of this childish antics.”

While another “Danger!” fan voiced his opinion of the 23-year-old, saying, “Jake DeArruda is absolutely frustrating to watch. Give me Yogesh over Jake any day of the week…”

Another tweeted: “We are all at war with Jake DeArruda…”

DeArruda’s streak ended last week, with one fan saying, “Even Ken Jennings must be relieved to see Jake DeArruda go.”

Although DeArruda lost to Oklahoma’s Patti Palmer last Wednesday, people are still talking about her behavior, and now a longtime producer is addressing the backlash.

The “Jeopardy” producer is dealing with backtracking

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Longtime producer Sarah Foss recently appeared on Inside Jeopardy! podcast where he spoke with 2017 Tournament of Champions winner Buzzy Cohen about the current “Jeopardy!” champion Jake DeArruda and the backlash surrounding his behavior.

“Let’s just talk about Jake,” Foss began the conversation. “He’s only 23 years old.” Ken joked in a postgame chat that he had an older shirt than Jake. (He was) inspired by Matt Jackson, who was another very strong champion when he was 23 years old and he was just mowing down the competition.”

“Danger!” The producer said DeArruda’s friends have spoken fondly of him, adding that he’s a “genuine, nice guy,” which she agrees with. “It must have been like that for us in the studio when he was here,” he said on the podcast.

“I know everyone wants to share their comments, but it’s important to remember that these are just people coming on the show that they love and doing the best they can,” he continued.

“I encourage everyone to show a little more compassion on the message boards, a little more compassion out there. Because again, you don’t want to switch places with these people and subject yourself to the kind of scrutiny that we subject certain people to,” he concluded.

– Danger! airs on ABC weekdays at 7 p.m. ET. Check your local details.

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