DaBaby has sued the alleged Beverly Hills beat for more than $2 million

‘Suge’ rapper DaBaby then they sue a person was allegedly assaulted in the 2019 Christmas season.

DaBaby pays BIG!

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Rapper Jonathan Kirk is being sued by Cristofher Pocasangren over an alleged assault. In the statement of damages, which the The explosionHe is now on the hook for more than $2 million in emotional distress and other charges, in addition to the assault charge, following their December 2019 clash.

The incident allegedly took place at a Marriott Hotel where the plaintiff worked. She asked the 28-year-old for a photo and it seems he didn’t like it and refused. The plaintiff decided to photograph him anyway, infringing on the rapper’s terrain.

DaBaby then asked her to delete the photo, Pocasangren agreed, but claims that later, when the rapper saw her again, she was not over the situation, followed him to the hotel and put her hands on the hotel employee.

The fight was caught on camera

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The entire event was recorded by the hotel’s security cameras. At the time, the rapper claimed that the hotel employee attacked him first and that he was defending himself. Apparently, the video footage proved otherwise.

The rapper also has another lawsuit pending against a man named Gary Pager, who also accused him of assault. The alleged 2021 incident happened in North Carolina after the man tried to enforce “basic rental rules” at a property he rented to DaBaby.

The trial was scheduled for April this year, but the rapper is asking for it to be postponed due to the aforementioned case. This guy is really piling things up right now.

DaBaby’s lawyer said in legal documents. “If the trial date is not continued, (DaBaby) will not be able to respond to discovery or testify without revealing information that could potentially incriminate him in the concurrent criminal case. The trial period must be continued to protect (DaBaby’s) Fifth Amendment rights.”

What were the “ground” rules you broke?

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Apparently he’s in this mess because he rented a home and tried to shoot a music video there. He punched Pager in the face when he showed up at the property to see 40 people and a camera crew. The contract stated that the home could accommodate a maximum of 12 people.

He also testified that he did not give permission for anything to be filmed in the home, unfortunately the “BOP” rapper took it upon himself to lash out at the owner for enforcing the rule.

DaBaby doesn’t want to, I’m sorry he can’t deal with this case at this time, his lawyer insists he “can’t be called to testify in this case until his criminal case is over, which won’t be until October 2023.” minimum.” against the hotel employee.

DaBaby could incriminate himself

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The rapper and his crew are believed to have fled the scene when police arrived, leaving behind thousands of dollars worth of damage, including a security camera. In addition, according to the landlord, he did not pay the full rent.

And during the final little dig, he allegedly stole “valuable kitchen utensils.” Only time will tell which court case will be the leader!

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