Da Brat and his wife defend choosing a white sperm donor for the baby

Da Brat and his wife Jesseca Dupart they question why a white man was chosen as the sperm donor. The couple revealed that after the screening, they had few donor options and only one black man.

Dupart took to Instagram to respond to critics saying their choice meant they didn’t want a black child. This comes after the couple revealed they were pregnant earlier this year and shared their pregnancy journey.

Brat once stated that he thought he would never have children because he already had a “great career” and a “full life.” The couple recently posted a video of the pregnancy progress showing Brat feeling a kick from the baby.

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Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart chose a white donor

Rapper Da Brat and his wife Jesseca Dupart are defending themselves and choosing a white sperm donor for their baby

During a recent interview The root, Da Brat and his wife, Jesseca Dupart, discussed their decision to use a white sperm donor for their first baby together. The adorable couple explained that they had thousands of candidates at the start of the process, but genetic screening eliminated most of them.

They claimed that after screening, only about 300 potential donors remained in the pool, and only one black man remained. Brat said per Insider, “We didn’t have much to choose from; he was not black. He explained that the black guy “looked like Jiminy Cricket” before adding: “I’m sorry, but it’s not my choice.”

They think they made the right choice

Rapper Da Brat and his wife Jesseca Dupart are defending themselves and choosing a white sperm donor for their baby

Brat and Dupart also shared that despite their limited donation options, they believe they made the right choice. Brat said: “I think we did a great job of picking. He is handsome and tall and I think he will look beautiful with my wife’s egg.”

On Tuesday, Dupart responded to critics on Instagram for avoiding giving birth to a black child. For a post reporting the news of their donor choice, he wrote, per Insider“Black men make up less than 5% of donations.”

Dupart explained that he and Brat extended their decision to get more opportunities. He wrote: “We waited a few weeks to see if the pool would grow. But unfortunately, since we had to choose within 6-8 weeks, there were no more new black donors who would have been a perfect match for my genetic tests.”

Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart announced their pregnancy in February

Brat and Dupart first revealed their pregnancy in February this year. During an interview People Magazine at the time, the couple opened up about their difficult fertility journey and shared a traumatic experience.

Brat, 49, said: “We were so happy, happy, happy and then it was like depression. I’ve never been so excited about something I didn’t even know I wanted, then I fell in love with the idea and it was all taken away from me.”

She continued to express her joy that the second round of insemination was successful, calling the pregnancy a “blessing”. Brat added: “I never thought I would have children. I just thought it wasn’t in the cards. I’ve had a great career, my whole life. I felt like because I hadn’t gotten pregnant before, it just wasn’t going to happen to me.”

They love to share cute videos of their baby’s development

Earlier this week, Dupart shared footage of their pregnancy journey with her fans Instagram. She posted a video of a pregnant brat feeling her baby kick her in the stomach. The footage shows the Chicago rapper getting emotional as she felt around her pregnant belly. He then urged his beauty entrepreneur wife to come and feel the baby move.

Dupart captioned the emotional post, “Guess who’s feeling baby moves. It’s the sweetest little thing to watch. My wife is very deserving of this excitement, love and blessing. Little boy Harris-Dupart plays with his mom.”

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