‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Ends Rumors ‘Exaggerated’ Says Producer

According to longtime producer Jeff Schaffer, no decision has been made about the fate of the series.

It wouldn’t be a new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” without rumors that the series is about to end.

Larry David’s long-running HBO comedy has always operated outside the confines of typical TV shows. The cable network essentially gave David and his team an open door policy, allowing them to take a long hiatus and produce a new season whenever an idea struck them.

The downside of the creative freedom that David enjoys is that there is never a guarantee that another season will come. Rumors have swirled that the upcoming 12th season — which just wrapped production — will be the show’s last hurray. Speculation began with news that the show had filmed a death scene for David’s character in the previous season in case he decided to end the series after season 11, and was encouraged by several. cryptic tweets the creative team teases that Season 12 will be the end of an era.

But the show’s longtime producer, Jeff Schaffer, wants everyone to calm down. In a new interview Deadlinemade it clear that no decision has been made about future seasons.

“The reports of our deaths are greatly exaggerated,” Schaffer said. “We literally finished filming last week. So yeah, we’re done.”

Schaffer added that while every season it looks like this could be the end of the series, it’s always possible that David decides to do more episodes down the road.

“My first season was Season 5,” he said. “And you know what the last episode of the season was called? ‘It’s over.’ Not ironically. That was 15 years ago. So every season is the last. It’s been that way forever…Larry put every idea into the season. He’s the only one who thinks he’ll never have a good idea again. So, of course, he was done for a while. But, you know, he usually goes out and has enthusiastic meetings with West Los Angeles, and then the ideas come. So we’re in the same place we always are. It’s just business as usual.

Long-time fans of the show are well aware that these comments are nothing new. Schaffer made similar comments in an interview with IndieWire in 2022, when fans thought Season 11 would end.

“When you sign up for one season of ‘Curb,’ you’re signing up for the last season of ‘Curb,'” Schaffer said. “And I finally found out why. That’s because when Larry does a season, he puts in whatever ideas he really likes. So at the end of the season, there’s this hole — no ideas that really appeal to him — so how could he do another season? He’s the only person on the planet who doesn’t think he’s going to come up with more good ideas.”

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