Cuba Gooding Jr spat in Hampton after rape scandal

Cuba Gooding Jr. seems to have a knack for getting into trouble at social gatherings! The Hollywood veteran’s summer begins with an alleged brawl after avoiding sexual misconduct allegations.

The award-winning actor rose to fame with his phenomenal performances in iconic films such as the 90s classic ‘Boyz n the Hood’. Although he is celebrated as a sensational entertainer, his reputation is different outside the industry.

The New Yorker’s image is a controversial subject, with numerous accusations of misconduct. Although the 55-year-old’s relationship with women remains questionable, the father of three simply attracts trouble.

Cuba Gooding Jr. was allegedly kicked out of a popular music group by a “power-hungry” gang

Stacey Bendet Cuba Gooding Jr. in Alice + Olivia celebrates her 20th birthday

Following his recent trials and tribulations, the Oscar winner visited the East End to chill with his beautiful girlfriend Claudine De Niro. However, a source said Six pages, the “Men of Honor” star’s plans to chill were rudely interrupted by a security guard.

The TV personality is no stranger to visiting the famous Hamptons neighborhoods. He frequented places like the Surf Lodge, Duryea’s Lobster Deck and Baron’s Cove, but for his date night, the entertainer chose Stephen Talkhouse, a popular music venue.

Gooding and De Niro went to the Amagansett hotspot for a night of reggae. However, their jam session did not go as planned. The band was late and was just getting up when one of the security guards spotted the “Radio” actor.

“He was sitting on the edge of the stage waiting for the reggae band to start,” the source explained, noting that the bouncer marched over to the New Yorker and ordered him to stand up. Of course, the 55-year-old did not appreciate the man’s impolite tone, but tried to settle the matter peacefully.

According to the insider, “Cuba was like, ‘Take it easy.’ Security then became power hungry and screamed in his face. The informant clarified, they did not see the next scene; however, they heard the affair ended when “security picked him up to move him and (Cuba) left with Claudine.”

The truth behind the alleged altercation remains uncertain as the Stephen Talkhouse owner claimed that “the incident did not happen as reported” when asked. Despite the claim of the owner of the music group, they refused to share more information on the subject.

As mentioned above, Gooding’s outing comes weeks after the father of three made headlines for his bad relationships with women. The ‘Jerry Maguire’ star narrowly escaped being charged with rape after reaching an out-of-court settlement with the plaintiff.

Cuba Gooding Jr. sexual misconduct lawsuit in New York

Gooding and the alleged female victim resolved their issues minutes before the sexual assault case was scheduled to go to New York federal court. Rape allegations first surfaced in 2020, when the anonymous woman sued the SAG Award winner.

According to the lawsuit, the TV personality raped her in a New York hotel more than a decade ago. She claimed that the “Boat Trip” actor forced her to his lodgings following their meeting in Manhattan.

Gooding used the excuse that he was changing to get the unidentified lady into his room where the deed was committed. However, the New Yorker denied these allegations, claiming the encounter was consensual.

The Emmy nominee avoided jail time through a plea deal in a sexual assault case

The “Daddy Day Camp” star’s troubles in social venues began years earlier, with multiple accusations of inappropriate behavior, but he gets away with it time and time again before legal trouble erupts.

The 55-year-old managed to escape prison in October after taking a plea deal in a sexual assault case. Gooding was charged with forcible touching after a woman sued him in September 2018 for kissing her without consent at a New York club.

The victim filed suit a year later, eventually winning in court after a grand jury indicted the host. The charges came after the father-of-three was arrested based on another woman’s allegations. According to the lady, the “End Game” actor groped her breasts without consent at a rooftop hotspot in New York.

Film actor Cuba Gooding Jr. leaves Manhattan State Supreme Court Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020, in New York.

The TV personality initially refused to admit to these charges and tried to get the charges settled out of court. However, he struck a plea deal to avoid prison and admitted to kissing the first victim without consent.

He also pleaded guilty to non-consensual physical contact with two other women in October 2018 and June 2019. Under the legal agreement, Gooding will continue to receive “alcohol and behavior modification treatment” he began in 2019 for an additional six months and will not be arrested during that time.

If the New Yorker does not follow the rules, he can spend up to a year behind bars.

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