Ciarán Hinds was put off by too much Game of Thrones sex

“It took away from the actual political storytelling,” Hinds said.

Ciarán Hinds talks about the amount of sex in Game of Thrones.

After infamous criticism of nudity and sex in the hit HBO series, Hinds admitted that she was “rather put off” by how much sex was shown.

“I was more put off by the level of sexuality in it because it took away from the actual political storytelling,” Hinds said. The independent. “But I think it’s business from their point of view.”

Hinds played Mance Rayder, also known as the King Beyond the Wall, from Seasons 3 to 5. The ‘Belfast’ actor is now starring in season 2 of ‘Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’.

“Game of Thrones” prequel series “House of the Dragon” has done its best to distance itself from the original series, which is based on the novels by George RR Martin.

“Game of Thrones has had a negative reputation – which they have to admit – in terms of the press and the #MeToo movement, and Emilia Clarke and other actors have talked about how difficult and unjustified it can be sometimes and how much pressure they feel,” said Miriam Lucia, intimacy coordinator for Deadline in September 2022. “So I think what you get in The Dragon’s House is not only a production team that’s sensitive to that, but a really good cast. they are aware of it and are careful what they agree to. This precedent has been set.”

Lucia continued: “(sexual content and nudity) is part of the show, part of what it really is, but we’re in a new era. From the very beginning, I was invited to take part in rehearsals, conversations, read-throughs, so that everyone knew who I was, and everything was open.”

“Dragon House” actress Emily Carey also opened up about being “scared” of filming a love scene with Paddy Considine, who plays her husband and is 30 years her senior in real life. Carey credited Lucia for “amazing” helping her prepare and feel safe on set.

“She basically said she was really scared before the scene and without an intimacy coordinator she wouldn’t have known how to handle it,” Lucia explained. “It was good to hear that following (Game of Thrones alum) Sean Bean’s comments about how intimacy coordinators ruin spontaneity. But I understand why he said that, because he doesn’t have the same experience with it, and because it’s a new feature on kits.”

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