Christine McGuinness Talks Childhood Struggles Before Knowledge Of Autism

Christine McGuinness has thrown it back to one of her least favorite youthful moments.

While participating in the launch of BBC Children in Need’s star-studded appeal on Monday, the model candidly discussed her challenges in building friendships during her youth. This confessional comes after Christine praised her kids as they prepped for their back-to-school adventures.

Christine McGuinness Used To Feel More Comfortable At Home With Her Family

Christine has signified that she is just like everybody else with her latest insight into her days as a young girl. During a catch-up session during the Spotacular campaign, the television personality disclosed:

“My childhood was really fun. I remember playing outside with my brother and sister and just being at home with my mom. When I was younger, I really struggled at school, I struggled to make friends to socialise, and to fit in, it was at home I always felt the most comfortable. (My) mom was always the most positive mom.”

Christine McGuinness Talks Childhood Struggles Before Knowledge Of Autism
Instagram | Christine McGuinness

According to Daily Mail, the mother of three continued by expressing her deep appreciation to her mom, Joanne, saying, “she always made me feel like I can just be, made it comfortable, and she just loves me and she made me smile every single day.” Christine explained further: 

“Thank you mom so much for being the most amazing and strongest person and an independent woman. She’s inspired me massively, being a mum myself with three children, to go and smile every day to keep and making me believe that it’s OK to just be yourself and that’s the message that I pass on to my three children now.”

This must be a season of gratitude for the former “The Real Housewives of Cheshire” star, who very recently shared a social media update thanking her crew for their efforts on her BBC Documentary. 

In case you missed it, the 35-year-old had worked on and released a detailed doc where she explained how many things about her life did not make sense until she got her autism diagnosis in 2021.

The project left its impression on its viewers, with many expressing their appreciation for her candor in the clip. The public loved it so much that they crowned her the ‘Celebrity of the Year’ at The National Diversity Awards. Celebrating the feat on Instagram, Christine uploaded a “quick” clip alongside this caption:

“I am working away on something very special so I couldn’t attend the @ndawards event but I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who has listened to me talk about autism 🥹 whether that be on my social media, through my documentaries, through my children’s books or stopping me in the street!”

Christine McGuinness Worries About Her Kids' Adult Life And Coping With Autism
Instagram | Christine McGuinness

She declared her appreciation for everybody “building a world that is more understanding, accepting and inclusive” and “everyone who was involved in making my most recent documentary ‘unmasking my autism.’” The proud mother then concluded by dedicating the award to her “three wonderful children, Leo, Penelope, Felicity ❤️❤️❤️.”

The Former Beauty Queen’s Love For Her Kids Was Palpable In A Recent Instagram Post

Earlier this month, The Blast reported that Christine had resumed her motherly duties shortly after returning to the United Kingdom, following an unexpected extension of her vacation with her family. She showed where her head was when she dropped a video on Instagram that highlighted her nurturing and attentive side.

In the clip, “The Games” star, who is co-parenting her kids with her ex-husband, Paddy McGuinness, is seen placing different colored water bottles, food boxes, black school shoes, and jelly booties in front of three school bags. For the act, she paired a white oversized t-shirt with skintight leggings, sitting cross-legged on the floor. In the caption, she wrote:

“Summer 2023… smashed it. 🙌 Back to school time! Leo, Penelope, and Felicity 🥰 If the world could see you now, the world would be proud of you. From when you first started school with just a couple of words, uncomfortable wearing uniform, feeling afraid and overwhelmed by school life.”

The proud mama bear then gushed about her kids’ confidence and excitement while “being yourselves.” She wrapped up the lengthy caption, “Never change or suppress yourselves, and don’t try to fit in; you are my little superstars, and you inspire me every day. Mummy is so proud 🥹 ❤️.”

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