Christina Hall is “freaked out” that her daughter is following her design steps

Christina Hall didn’t sign off on a life where her daughter Taylor Reese followed in her career footsteps at a young age!

Despite making a name for herself as a real estate investor and previously co-starring on HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” alongside now-ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, Hall refuses to see her daughter achieve similar success. real estate only. And it doesn’t matter how talented the 12-year-old child is, or whether both parents have already settled down.

Christina Hall wants a “normal” life for her children

As Hall continues to build his brand as a real estate guru and reality star, it’s safe to assume he’s seen everything the industry has to offer—the highs, the lows, and the times in between. This makes it relatively easier to find out which child shares your love of design and whether it would be healthy to follow this path at a young age.

The “Christina on the Beach” star opened up in a recent interview about how her oldest daughter, who she shares with Tarek, is already showing an interest in following in her parents’ footsteps.

Christina Hall's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Christina Hall

“Taylor is a natural. He is actually very good at design and very good at camera. It kind of scares me, but I don’t want him to do something like that for a while,” Hall told E! news.

Hall admitted that while she allowed Taylor and Brayden James — her second child with Tarek — to appear on HGTV’s new show “Christina in the Country,” she didn’t expect an episode to focus primarily on them. The mother of three explains this said:

“Maybe they shoot with us for a maximum of an hour, maybe once a month. I want them to go to college and then later, much later, if they want to do this and continue, more power to them. But most importantly, I just want them to have a normal childhood.”

Hall’s plans are already coming to fruition, as he indicated in his birthday tribute to Taylor last September. The explosion reported that the mother posted a slew of pictures, including one of the celebrant posing next to a blue boulder adorned with a three-tiered yellow and pink cake and her painting of four balloons.

In later photos, the almost-teenage Hall enjoys cuddling, playing with dogs, taking selfies under an umbrella and leaning against a wall like a toddler. The carousel also featured the little girl taking her place as a bridesmaid at her mother’s wedding to her current – ​​and third – husband, Josh Hall. The proud mother shouted in the caption:

“We are so proud of Taylor!! He excels at school, excels at club soccer and has a good group of friends. I love you beautiful / sweet girl, keep shining.”

Christina Hall's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Christina Hall

The birthday post garnered 83,000 likes and multiple shout-outs from Hall’s fans, with one person musing: ‘Wasn’t it just her birthday? Oh, he grows up too fast!” Another fan claimed that Taylor was lucky to have the 39-year-old as her mother, while others commented that “Tarek’s genes won out” when it came to his appearance.

“Brother vs. brother” judge buys retirement home in Tennessee

Hall recently added a vacation home in Tennessee to his collection, despite already having two mansions in California and Nashville that he shuffles between. Not long after the purchase, the San Diego State University alum said he loved how “the combination of privacy and the family values ​​of the people who live there is a very different feeling.” The Anaheim native said further:

“It’s the best. We’re definitely going to retire here. I’d love to do the opposite (of what I’m doing now): I’d love to live there full-time and then have a cute little beach house in La Jolla, California, to jump back to.”

As it turns out, Hall has his eye on making the home in Franklin his family’s home base for their golden years. To put it succinctly, the ‘ultimate plan’ was for her to move and settle down after her children – including Hudson London, who she shares with ex Ant Anstead – finished school.

For the “Christina: Stronger by Design” host, who has lived in California all her life, “it was really a fresh start.”

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