Christina Hall identifies the “right offer” as a factor in family relocation

Christina Hall may be preparing for a new adventure.

With a keen eye for options and a determination to give the best to her loved ones, the real estate expert has revealed the only reason she would move her family.

All Christina Hall needs is “the right offer” to move her family

The beloved HGTV star has transformed not only houses, but also her outlook on life. While the talented designer and her husband, Josh Hall, and their three children are enjoying themselves in picturesque Newport Beach, California, their connections to the real estate industry open them up to new opportunities.

With their expertise in home sales, they understand the potential for growth and are ready to jump into new ventures when the time is right. In an interview Oh! newsthe 39-year-old shared her perspective, explaining how the right offer can convince them to start another exciting chapter.

Christina Hall on set "Christina on the beach"
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Hall faces tempting off-market buyers and the potential for lucrative profits in every luxury condo conversion. He balances his passion for design with the opportunities that arise he explained:

“So then I have to sit down with the kids and say, ‘Hey guys, I know we don’t want to move again, but is there anyone else around so we can find other options?’

Fortunately, her children share her adaptable spirit, ready to gain new experiences alongside their visionary mother. The mother of three revealed that her children are surprisingly open to exercise, they always answer enthusiastically when the topic comes up.

For now, however, they decided to stay in the comfort of Orange County for stability in education and friendship. “It’s interesting,” the reality TV star shared, before acknowledging her children’s adventurous spirit when she said: “They love it too. This is a whole new adventure.”

In the upcoming fifth season of HGTV’s “Christina on the Coast,” the real estate couple showcases their design skills and gives a stunning makeover to the kitchen of their current home. While hoping to settle on the house for the long haul, the former ‘Flip or Flop’ co-star noted, “But if we get the right price, who knows?”

It also seems that in addition to her flexible nature, her first child Taylor – with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa – can also break the old block when it comes to design. The proud mom shared it that his eldest daughter is showing early signs of embracing the worlds of design and real estate, setting the stage for a possible future in the industry.

But Hall, despite his success in the same field, isn’t quite ready to encourage the teenager to follow a similar path. In her own words, “Taylor is just a natural. He is actually very good at design and very good at camera. It scares me a little, but I don’t want him to do anything for a while.

Christina Hall's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Christina Hall

“Brother vs. Brother” judge revealed that while he has allowed his children to appear on his new HGTV show for a short time, he made it clear that the focus will never be solely on them.

“Buddy vs. Duff’s special guest makes retirement plans and explores a new location with his partner

With an eye on the future, the beloved TV star carefully weighed her retirement aspirations alongside her beauty. SupposedlyChristina turns her attention to a new place as she travels frequently between California and Nashville.

The “Christina in the Country” host revealed that she bought a vacation home in Tennessee, expressing her admiration for the region’s signature combination of seclusion and strong family values. Sharing his feelings, the Anaheim native revealed his intentions:

“It’s the best. We’re definitely going to retire here. I’d love to do the opposite (of what I’m doing now): I’d love to live there full-time and then have a cute little beach house in La Jolla, California, to jump back to.”

The entrepreneur also emphasized the importance of the close cooperation with the former police officer, highlighting their goals for the future: “We have a real partnership, real teamwork between us. We have the same goals as far as we want to go about our future and our end game.”

Christina also acknowledged the invaluable influence of the 41-year-old’s values, which have enriched the lives of her two sons and encouraged them to love the outdoors and spend more time in nature.

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