Christina Applegate Wants to Quit Acting After SAG Awards Amid MS Battle

Christina Applegate is considering quitting acting ahead of the upcoming Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards.

The actress has continued to prove her commitment to acting and has decided to wrap up the ‘Dead to Me’ series despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2021 during filming. Now the mother-of-one has admitted that the upcoming SAG Awards will likely be the last time she deals with the effects of the disease behind the scenes.

Christina Applegate bows out of acting and other demanding gigs ahead of 2023 SAG ceremony

Although acting is no longer a priority, Applegate has earned numerous accolades, including her sixth SAG nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series for her role in Dead to Me.

With this honor, the 51-year-old lady spoke about her future after the ceremony. In a conversation with him LA Timesthe dedicated actress said:

“It’s probably my last award show as an actor, so it’s a big thing. Right now, I couldn’t imagine getting up at 5am and spending 12-14 hours on set; I don’t have that right now.”


Applegate weighed her options without performing in her life and got into production, “doing a ton of recordings to make money” to ensure her daughter Sadie was “fed and we’re home.”

In addition, the three-time Primetime Emmy Award nominee has been spending a lot of time in bed and devouring all the reality shows he’s ever seen. The only show she avoided was the Netflix comedy, which she pretended she didn’t like struggling with herself. The “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” actress he added:

“Also, I gained 40 pounds due to inactivity and medication, and I didn’t look or feel like myself.”

When she started watching the show – alone, she always had to stop when it got too much. Applegate eventually distanced herself from “my own ego and realized what a beautiful piece of television this is. All the scenes I wasn’t in were so fun to see and experience for the first time.”

The one thing Applegate doesn’t lack for is love and support, as she admitted how much her co-star Linda Cardellini has helped her. The actress went so far as to call her friend a “divine artist” who is “there for you no matter what.”

Another thing that helped him cope with his MS diagnosis was his sense of humor. Blast shared this the Young Artist Awards winner told Kelly Clarkson:

“My humor shield keeps me in good shape. Um, but of course you feel things deep inside, and I do this to deflect it and make people not afraid to be around me.

Young Christina Applegate and Selma Blair in GQ "Movie Issue."(The Sunset Room, Hollywood, Ca)

He also explained that he wanted people to feel good so they could “laugh about it,” adding that he “wrote a song, ‘Disaby Baby, Run Down the Chimney Tonight.’ I can’t make my wheelchair not fit on it.

MS is a disease that allows the immune system to eat away at the protective covering of the nerves, causing pain, vision loss, fatigue and incoordination.

Selma Blair sings Applegate’s praises amid their MS struggles

Last November, The Blast reported that Applegate received support from another star battling MS, Selma Blair. As it turns out, the “Hell Boy” actress has been battling the chronic illness since 2018, so she knows all too well its effects.

But Blair has achieved several feats, including showing off her ballroom skills on Dancing With The Stars last year. Unfortunately due to his condition he had to bow out early and returned for one last hurray for the final of the competition. Discussing Applegate’s flexibility so far, Blair stated:

“She is the iconic Californian actress of my generation. He hasn’t done a single thing that I didn’t feel like I was “explaining” and just stating that he is the one with this MS.

The “Brown’s Requiem” actress also touched on her friend’s supportive nature even while dealing with her own (Applegate’s) MS. Blair noted that Applegate was “just amazing and strong and fun,” showing up at people’s doors whenever they needed her.

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