Chrissy Teigen slams plastic surgeon who claims botched procedure

Chrissy Teigen does not accept the accusations related to lying! The stunning model struggles with an unsolicited opinion about her beauty from a plastic surgeon.

The media personality is best known as the wife of award-winning singer John Legend. However, the 37-year-old woman does not live in her husband’s shadow, as she has gained an influential status with her activities in the entertainment industry.

As a public figure, the Utah native is often scrutinized to live as he pleases. A hornet’s nest of critics came for the entertainer recently after a Pasadena doctor claimed he did a shoddy job.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Kay Durairaj has called out Chrissy Teigen for a botched procedure

A doctor named Dr. Kay Durairaj has created quite a stir on social media after he shared his opinion on the ‘Bring the Funny’ judge. Take it to him Instagram page, the woman announced to her 355,000 followers that the TV personality was a victim of spoiled cosmetics.

According to BeautybyDrKay’s website, the cosmetologist was trained at USC and UCLA and was an internationally recognized surgeon. Using his accumulated knowledge of cosmetic procedures, the doctor dissected Teigen’s alleged enhanced beauty.

In her since-deleted video, titled “Have You Seen Chrissy Teigen’s New Face?”, the KD Skincare founder shared a photo of the former “Deal Or No Deal” briefcase model. The snap captured the entertainer’s face looking significantly bigger, with Durairaj’s growth attributed to bad fillers.

“Well, this picture is spreading. Look at Chrissy Teigen’s face, she has a lot of volume,” the facialist began. “This is what the injectors need to work on to perform better. I don’t like a puffy, overstuffed face.”

Chrissy Teigen Applauds Plastic Surgeon Who Accused Her of Using Facial Injectors

“Does anyone need to look doughy, bloated and overstuffed like this?” The beautician slammed the Utah native’s image before adding, “No, injecting is an art and we over-rely on hyaluronic fillers because not enough foundation, skin structure and support can create that puffy, puffy effect.”

Durairaj also shared an old photo of Teigen, claiming the “All of Me” music video vixen looked more natural before she allegedly got a facelift. The “Beauty Bytes” podcaster ended her post by promoting her plastic surgery services, noting that her clients don’t have to “be afraid of fillers.”

The doctor promised that his procedures would allow people to feel the positive effects of good fillers, including a “natural and beautiful” appearance. The post was accompanied by a lengthy message where the surgeon claimed he had no animosity towards Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen Applauds Plastic Surgeon Who Accused Her of Using Facial Injectors

“This post is not made with nefarious intent. It’s just about overcharging and its possible consequences. There is too much reliance on hyaluronic gel fillers and not enough attention is paid to foundation, skin structure and support,” the cosmetologist’s statement reads.

Durairaj confirmed that his aim was to raise awareness of lousy filler procedures, which he said were responsible for the “puffy and puffy effect”. Despite her supposed good intentions, her unsubstantiated claims against Teigen did not go down well with the model.

The ‘FABLife’ star has fired back at Dr Kay Durairaj after she was accused of having face fillers

Chrissy Teigen Applauds Plastic Surgeon Who Accused Her of Using Facial Injectors

In response to Durairaj’s allegations about her face, the ‘Lip Sync Battle’ star took to her Instagram Story to clear the air. Resharing the unflattering video, Teigen claps back at the doctor for attributing her puffy face to harmful fillers. As the beautician lamented that her heart was broken because of the beautician’s words, the host said:

“You’re rude, doc.” I’ve always been honest, I’ve never had anything in my mouth, so now I just feel ugly and bad. Dirt!”

The ‘Chrissy’s Court’ star’s banter didn’t end there as she called out Durairaj for her insensitive caption. “”No bad intentions”??? But if you say this can be your face if you do it wrong? You’re a piece of shit. I’ve gained weight,” exclaimed the mother of three.

Chrissy Teigen Applauds Plastic Surgeon Who Accused Her of Using Facial Injectors

In her slideshow, the Grammy winner’s wife shared screenshots of fans’ reactions to the plastic surgeon’s claims and sarcastically thanked the doctor for the backlash. Upset by the BeautybyDrKay founder’s words, many slammed Teigen for messing up her face.

“He’s a bad person, so it’s just his karma,” one claimed. This hateful message also received support from others who agreed that the ‘Snack Off’ judge deserved his fate. “He got the face he deserves,” wrote another troll.

“She used to be beautiful…don’t know why she ruined her face like that…” a third person mused, as several praised Durairaj for revealing the alleged truth behind Teigen’s face. “Yessssss Dr. Kay” and “Tell me sister!” shouts. took over the comment section.

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