Chrissy Teigen reveals what “never works” with kids

Chrissy Teigen is a busy, busy woman with four kids that exhaust her, plus her career, and ultimately everything she does to keep fit. Including colonoscopy because it is recommended.

Not only do fans love Teigen for her adorable family, but she’s also happy to open up about any health aspect of her life in an effort to dispel the stigma! Hi!

Chrissy Teigen would give up her kids for this one thing

Chrissy Teigen is going to give birth to all four of her babies
Instagram | Chrissy Teigen

Teigen posted a picture of her with all four of her babies yesterday, and the sight is guaranteed to melt any mama’s heart! Sitting next to his youngest, Wren, in his cradle is a bored Miles, an even more bored looking Esti, and finally a concerned Luna.

Neither of them seem to be paying attention to the camera, so Teigen’s caption for the post, ‘one with all my babies’ never works.” She also followed it up with a howling emoji, prompting fans to tell her she’s not alone, with one commenting: “Girl, I have 7 kids. 5 out of 7 adults are adults. Still is.” Another tried to cheer him up, writing: “But sometimes these shapers capture personalities and the true essence of a period.” More simply, she pointed out how bored Miles looked in all the pictures: “Miles is so bored!! He’s like, ‘I’m over it!’ Written all over his face.”

More just felt: “At least everything is there in the picture! You can’t make everyone happy at once! Bring a smile to your next attempt! lol”

Here’s the sweet post, and at least the first picture has Luna and Miles looking at the camera!

Fans praise her openness about colonoscopy

Chrissy Teigen talks colonoscopy
Instagram | Chrissy Teigen

On Monday, Teigen, 37, told fans on Instagram Stories that she was getting a colonoscopy because “my doctor told me that people are getting younger and younger and they should go in earlier and earlier to get checked now.” He also explained that, “There’s going to be a huge increase in colon cancer in people my age and even a little younger because we’re not getting screened.”

THE Centers for Disease Prevention and Epidemiology (CDC) recommends people regularly go for colon cancer screening they turn 45 once every ten years, but earlier is also good.

Meanwhile, Teigen detailed how she was taking colon cleansing pills and joked that she chose white of all days on Monday, while she usually wore black. On Tuesday, she shared more stories, detailing the procedure and how it was done, as she hadn’t eaten anything in the 24 hours before the procedure, was starving, and could only think about food.

Earlier today, Teigen updated her fans on the colonoscopy, detailing how she had a great time and that everything went well.

Fans appreciated the move, with one writing: “Chrissy can you share that colonoscopy video so we can share it with you? Need to know more! I am a patient with stage 4, early-onset colon and rectal cancer. I appreciate you talking about it!” Teigen responded, “I’m trying to make a reel to spread the word! Let’s pray for your journey and recovery!!!”

He made the scrolls.

However, she has always been open about things most people don’t usually talk about, including losing her baby…

Chrissy Teigen has also opened up about IVF and miscarriages

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend introduce their son, Wren Alexander Stephens
Instagram | Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend gave birth to their children through IVF, welcoming their first child, a daughter named Luna Simone Stephens, on April 14, 2016. Teigen also later explained how she harvested a “girl” embryo. Next came the “boy” embryo, Miles Theodore Stephens, who was born on May 16, 2018, and since then Teigen has been entertaining social media followers with funny videos of her children.

Tragedy struck the family when Teigen and Legend lost baby Jack at 20 weeks on September 30, 2020. The couple bravely shared pictures of their loss on social media to de-stigmatize the natural process of grieving. It took a long time for Teigen to even consider having a baby, but last year she started IVF again, and on January 13, 2023, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Esti Maxine, who she carried herself.

Teigen also later explained in a detailed post how she was looking for another baby at the same time as a surrogate because it had always been her dream to have four children. On June 19, 2023, Legend and Teigen welcomed a baby boy, Wren Alexander Stephens, and now it looks like Teigen is surrounded by her babies and loves them so much she feels like she could “explode”!

Here are some pictures of the hatched eggs and chicks!

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