Chris Rock defends Royal Family against Meghan’s racism

In his latest Netflix stand-up special Chris Rock criticized him Meghan Markle for accusing the royal family of racism. The comedian poked fun at Meghan during her interview with Oprah Winfrey, where she called out the family for allegedly asking how dark her son would be when he was born.

Rock claimed that the statement was not racist because at the time “even black people” wondered the same thing. The royal couple has not had it easy lately, as they were recently mocked on TV. An episode of Comedy Central’s “South Park” called her and her husband out, criticizing their need for privacy.

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Chris Rock calls out Meghan Markle during the comedy special

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Rock called out the 41-year-old in his nearly three-hour special for telling Oprah Winfrey in 2022 how bad the royal family made her feel. Meghan claimed the family were so racist towards her that an older member even asked how dark her baby would be while she was pregnant with Archie.

However, Rock claims the princess is overreacting as “even black people want to know how brown the baby is going to be”.

Meghan’s name came up during the special when Rock criticized people who always try to play the victim. Calling out the ‘Suits’ star, he said: ‘Who is this girl, Meghan Markle? She seems like a nice lady, she just complains.” Added per Daily Mail“Like she didn’t win the light skin lottery?”

Rock then referred to some comments Meghan made during the Winfrey interview and claimed she had no real issues. “They are so racist, so racist,” he said, scoffing. The comedian stated that the things he was complaining about were normal “in-law bullshit” and nothing more.

Chris Rock sympathizes with Meghan Markle

Members of the royal family participate in II.  At Queen Elizabeth's state funeral

While he disagreed with Meghan’s belief that the royal family was racist towards her, Rock noted that he understood what she was going through. He said: “I know what she’s going through, I know what Meghan Markle is going through.”

The comedian admitted that his struggle was real, as it would be difficult to accept a person with African-American roots among his “white in-laws”. He said, “Oh, this is hard. It’s very hard, very hard. But it’s not as difficult as a white girl trying to be accepted by her black in-laws. Now this shit is really hard.”

However, the ‘Spiral’ actor put an end to the Meghan and Harry feud by joking that the princess should have married into a family like the Kardashians. “Meghan Markle, I know the dilemma. I’m like, “If you’re black and you wanted to be accepted by your white in-laws, you should marry a Kardashian because they accept everybody.”

“South Park” parodied the royal party

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chat with fans

A brutal “South Park” episode mocked Meghan and Harry’s insistence on privacy while always in public. In the now-viral episode, the royal couple publicly promoted the prince’s autobiography ‘Waaah’.

The title “Waaah” was a drag on the Duke’s recent memoir, Reserve. It also included other digs at the former royal couple, such as the “silly prince and his stupid wife” tag given to them by one of the show’s main characters, Stan Marsh.

Are Harry and Meghan Suing ‘South Park’?

The National Service of Thanksgiving to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee at St Paul's Cathedral, London, UK on June 3, 2022.  3 June 2022. Pictured: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Britain's Duke of Sussex.

Several reports have suggested that Meghan and Harry’s portrayal in ‘South Park’ left the Duchess of Sussex ‘disturbed’. A royal commentator has confirmed the rumors that the couple plans to sue the HBO Max series.

However, an insider denied this in a statement Newsweek and assured that neither Meghan nor Harry had any intention of going to court over the episode. The source also called the rumors “boring and baseless.” However, it is not known if there will be any future episodes of the series featuring them or the royal family.

In other news, Harry and Meghan have confirmed that they have officially received the invitation III. for the coronation ceremony of King Charles. It is not yet known whether the duo will accept the invitation and participate in the grand event.

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