Chris Pratt talks about the differences in raising boys and girls

Chris Pratt sheds light on what it means to be a father to a daughter!

The sensational actor, best known for his role in the Marvel superhero franchise, is an entertainer whose charming personality has swept the globe. When the Hollywood heartthrob isn’t wowing viewers with his good looks, the 43-year-old is focused on being the best father he can be to his children.

The Virginia native has three children from two different marriages. He had a son named Jack with his wife Anna Faris and two daughters Lyla Maria and Eloise Christina with his current wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. The proud dad shares the difference in raising girls after being a dad to a boy.

Chris Pratt says his daughters pay more attention to his clothes than his son

Chris Pratt and his wife and daughter

While promoting his latest blockbuster, “Super Mario Bros. Movie,” the “Late Night with Seth Meyers” show, the presenter spoke honestly about his experiences as a father of two adorable girls.

When the talk show host asked how it felt to be two girls, the TV personality admitted that it was a new world. “I love it, man. This is great,” stated the CinemaCon award winner.

“You know, I have a 10-year-old son, so this is the first time I’ve had daughters,” the Virginia native continued. “It’s just… it’s awesome. You hear that maybe the experience is different, and it is.

Speaking about her experiences, the “Parks and Recreation” star recalled a sweet moment with her oldest daughter, Lyla. The beloved actor flattered the two-year-old and said:

“My daughter Lyla is so girly. I picked her up yesterday and she says, “Oh, Dad, this is a cute dress. Look, you have cute little pockets. Jack never told me that.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame inductee joined host Myers to playfully chastise their sons for never noticing their pockets, adding that it was “nice to have a little appreciation for the pocket game.”

Pratt also paid tribute to his famous father-in-law, Arnold Schwarzenegger. When asked if it was “surreal” to be a family member of a Hollywood icon, the Saturn Award winner admitted that it was fantastic to live as a relative of the “Terminator” star.

“Now I’ve gotten to know him as a normal guy and all. He is a great-grandfather, a great father, a good father-in-law,” sang the praises of the father of three. “And oddly enough, he has a lot of experience promoting blockbuster action movies.”
The “Jurassic World” star became a family with the living legend following his marriage to the daughter of the former governor of California. Per The Blast, the stunned husband recently opened up about his love story with Katherine on “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

According to the host, the pair met in church during a challenging period in her TV career. Pratt admitted he “felt broken” and asked for divine intervention when he spotted his future wife.

“God has a fast-forward button, but if it’s right — boom, they hit you. You fall in love; you get married,” the MTV Movie Award nominee explained, noting that her relationship with Schwarzenegger was like finding the right puzzle piece.

The couple’s love story began after her marriage to Farris ended in 2017. Before the former lovers finalized their divorce in November 2018, Pratt was seen enjoying a romantic picnic with Schwarzenegger in June.

The “Passengers” star celebrated her son’s 10th birthday with a sweet tribute

While the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star can’t help but be doting for his daughters, he also shares the same adoration and love for his only son.

Chris Pratt's wife and daughters

Last August, the “Moneyball” actor celebrated his son’s tenth birthday with the sweetest tribute. By going to Instagram, The iconic actor shared a picture of a lamb alongside a passionate declaration of love.

“Happy birthday to my firstborn, smart, handsome, kind-hearted, big boy Jack! TEN!!?? HAAH!? Double digits!!” – exclaimed the nominee for the Critics’ Choice Television Award.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years already!! You are the best boy, big brother, fisherman, scout, reader, mathematician, imaginer, builder, boxer and buddy a guy could ask for. I love you, baby!” the hot father sweetly finished his message.

Anna Faris, Chris and Jack Pratt at the premiere of the film

The birthday tribute comes a year after the Virginia native received backlash for apparently shading Jack. While paying tribute to Schwarzenegger for having a “beautiful healthy daughter,” fans speculated that Pratt had insulted Farris and their son over health issues.

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