Chris Evans is taking a ‘Hit’ from social media

Chris Evans is all about detoxing his mind this summer! Fans can forget about getting every update from “Captain America” ​​while the Marvel star is doing a social media cleanse.

The Hollywood sensation is one of the sexiest people in the entertainment industry, known for captivating millions with her timeless looks. In addition to his good looks, the 42-year-old has the skills to match his more than two decades of career in the film industry.

Despite his many successes, the Boston native is not stepping down from the pedestal anytime soon. In pursuit of his continued success, the “Ghosted” actor shut down his internet usage to refocus on the world outside his phone screen.

Chris Evans bids emotional farewell to fans during social media hiatus

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The “Avengers: Endgame” star recently announced that she is joining the growing list of celebrities who are reducing their social media interactions. The Young Hollywood Award nominee informed fans of the temporary deactivation of her Twitter and Instagram accounts on both platforms.

In an IG story, the 42-year-old revealed that co-star Taron Egerton’s departure inspired his decision. Evans applauded the “Kingsman” star’s heartfelt farewell message, re-sharing the post while expressing similar sentiments about needing an Internet break.

The impassioned note explained that social media has lost its purpose and has become a “cycle” that is “a bit addictive”. From the frequent scrolling of content, many important values ​​have been lost in the sea of ​​mesmerizing posts.

“I feel like I belong The ability to sit and be present, to read books and watch movies, and even to seek the company of people I love, is impaired as a result,” the message reads, noting that more productive activities can be achieved without the distraction of social media. .

The motivational note continued: “I got a little carried away. And when it comes to work, I know I can do more, and IG is one of the barriers to getting there.”

The post highlighted the positive nature of social media, specifically how fans can express their love for their favorite actors through the platform. However, this rainbow was not enough to overshadow the disadvantages of interactive sites.

Chris Evans deactivates his IG

“Thank you all for always saying such nice things. I really appreciate it, but I need to read the thoughts of strangers for a while; Not sure this stuff is going to be very good for either of us,” the powerful post concludes.

The lengthy confessional seemed to capture the thoughts of the “Kivesek” actor as he kindly appreciated the message. “I couldn’t have said it better myself!!! Count on me. I’m taking a little break. Much love to everyone!” the Boston native chirped over the overlay.

Additionally, the Teen Choice Award winner took to Twitter to confirm the hiatus, noting that a social media detox was her gift to herself this summer. Evans’ last message reads, “Hey everyone! I’ve been treating myself to less screen time over the summer, so I’m taking a break from Twitter and IG. See you soon! Lots of love!”

After his farewell messages, the “Captain America: Civil War” star deactivated his social media pages. That meant fans would no longer be blessed with happy news about the Boston native’s relationship with partner Alba Baptista.

The Marvel star and his lover burn their chemistry with hilarious pranks

Chris Evans deactivates Twitter

Months before he announced his social media hiatus, the Hollywood heartthrob made headlines for his adorable relationship with his girlfriend. In early January, the 42-year-old shared a video compilation of his fun moments with Baptista. from 2022.

The “Not Another Teen Movie” star, who has experienced relationship difficulties, seemed happy in his romance with the younger actress. As you can see in the recording, with the caption “Looking back to 2022”, the couple pranked each other eight times.

The incidents took place in the couple’s home and hotel rooms. Evans enjoyed teasing the Portuguese actress; however, the 25-year-old didn’t fall for his jokes in the final clip.

When the People’s Choice Award winner tried to scare Baptista as she walked down the aisle, the “warrior nun” laughed and exclaimed: “I knew it!” The heartwarming video was the first time the actor shared something about his new relationship on social media.

News of the duo’s romance exploded in November 2022 after paparazzi spotted the lovebirds enjoying a PDA moment while strolling through Central Park. Additionally, sources claimed that the couple had been together for “over a year” while Evans was “happier than ever.”

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