Chris Brown Responds To Fan Outrage Over Chloe Bailey Collab

American singer and actress Chloe Bailey he might have to rethink his movie with the pop star Chris Brown after coming under fire from fans following news of his new toy with the singer.

Brown and the “Pray it Away” crooner’s upcoming song didn’t sit well with fans, who took to social media in droves to express their disapproval.

Brown also subjected his detractors to prolonged harassment, calling them out for their continued criticism of him. He even goes so far as to compare himself to white celebrities who have been accused of domestic violence over the years.

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Chloe Bailey will feature Chris Brown on the new song

Taken by the “Have Mercy” singer Instagram to reveal that his new song ‘How Does it Feel’ will feature Chris Brown and will be released next Friday.

Bailey, 24, took to Instagram to post a photo of himself and the ‘Under The Influence’ singer cuddling up to a cover of the song, captioning it: ‘2ND PIECE. HOW DO YOU FEEL @chrisbrown? 2/24.”

Several fans cited the singer’s controversial past and history of abuse against women as reasons for their protest, with some calling Brown “disgusting.”

Fans slam Chloe Bailey for working with Chris Brown

Chloe Bailey at the 2021 MTV VMAs

Moments after she shared the news of her upcoming song with Brown, many of the singer’s fans took to social media to express their displeasure with her collaborator.

One fan said: “No. For various reasons. The most obvious was that he abused several women and constantly posts conspiracy theories and spreads misinformation (currently lit). Not a good look.”

Another user shared, “Not only has he been abusive with multiple partners, he has openly stated in his ‘music’ that he doesn’t date or have fun with black women. Is that okay with you? Make sense?”

Another fan questioned the choice, saying: “Why him? I thought you were better. Of the people working in the profession, why him?”

“Why let him have a damn career? Chloe, you could do so much better than that,” commented one confused fan.

A fifth fan said: “Really disappointed you’re working with him.”

Chris Brown blasts his critics in lengthy rant

Chris Brown performs at the Wireless Festival at Crystal Palace Park, London

After Bailey’s fans were outraged, Brown took to her Instagram page to air her thoughts and call them out for criticizing her.

Brown wrote on her IG stories: “IF YOU STILL HATE me because of a mistake I made when I was 17, please kiss it all**.”


Brown took his case further by singling out white singers and actors and asking why the “cancellation culture” doesn’t give them the attention it does him.

Chris Brown

He wrote: “Where’s the delete culture with these white artistes (sic) dating underage women, RUINING THEIR WIVES, GIVING HELP… Oh that’s right, they’re your buddies.”

Brown pushed it even further by sharing photos of white celebrities who had previously been accused of domestic violence. Actors such as Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Mel Gibson, Emma Roberts, Carmen Electra, Nicolas Cage, Steven Segal and Charlie Sheen were dropped along with allegations of abuse. He also called the singers of Guns N’ Roses, Tommy Lee, Ozzy Osbourne and Slash.

Chloe Bailey reflects on the completion of her first album

Chloe Bailey at the 2022 BET Awards

The “grown-up” actress reflected on the fact that her debut album was finally finished, and the joy that filled her heart.

During his appearance on the “NBA on TNT American Express Road Show,” Bailey performed his new song “Pray it Away” for the first time and took a break between shows to reveal how excited he is about the upcoming project.

“So I have some really exciting news,” he shared. “I released my first debut album two days ago. It was the best Valentine’s Day gift to myself because when I was writing this album, I was dealing with too many people… And I’m like, “You know what, girl? You deserve better than that.”

The woman continued, per Rebellion“And instead of trying to get them back, I let karma do its thing. I pray for him.”

The “Surprise” singer was seen in a custom-made latex top emblazoned with her album “In Pieces.”

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