Cheyenne Jackson says she relapsed after a decade of sobriety

Cheyenne Jackson he recently revealed that he relapsed after nearly a decade of sobriety and received support from his co-stars and celebrities.

In an interview in March 2021, Jackson opened up about her journey to sobriety and how she and husband Jason Landau stay focused on their family to maintain their sobriety.

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Cheyenne Jackson relapses after a decade of sobriety

“American Horror Story” star Cheyenne Jackson undertook a brave act Instagram to share his recent struggle with addiction. The actor admitted that he relapsed after almost a decade of sobriety. “Feeling vulnerable today,” she wrote in the caption of her long Instagram post, next to a picture of herself sitting in a car.

The 47-year-old revealed he had been carrying the weight of the shame, saying: “After nearly a decade of sobriety, I fell off the wagon. I bore a lot of shame. I’m afraid to share. But I know it can help someone, so I’m here.”

He admitted that he didn’t want to “disappoint” those who see him as a role model of sober living, so he kept his worries to himself. “I took my eye off the ball. I stopped doing what I needed to do to keep myself on the path of integrity,” he added.

The actor thought he had everything sorted out

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In her emotional post, Jackson listed various things she could have blamed for the slump, such as the passing of her Call Me Kat co-star Leslie Jordan, who died of sudden heart failure last October, and her current heart failure condition. world. “I can blame Covid. I could blame the state of the world – the mass shootings. A nation divided. The death of my co-star,” he shared. However, Jackson admitted that he thought he had “everything sorted out” and acknowledged that it was “a work in progress”.

The actor then thanked actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who opened up about his addiction and sobriety, and thanked his support system. She ended her post with a message of hope for those struggling with addiction, writing: “If you are struggling, you are not alone and there is a solution. I love you. And today I love myself and it feels good to say that. #progressisnotperfection.”

Cheyenne Jackson is receiving love and support for her bravery

Cheyenne Jackson has admitted she relapsed after a decade of sobriety and is opening up about her struggles with alcohol

Jackson’s brave admission received love and support from other stars. A few people commented on her post: Jamie Lee Curtis, Nyle Dimarco, Melissa Gilbert, Peta Murgatroyd, Lily Rabe and Sophia Bush.

Curtis, who has been open about his addiction and sobriety, offered encouragement, writing, “WE ARE ONLY AS SICK AS OUR SECRETS! The truth is that those who recover are only sober for that day. The past is irrelevant and the future is unknown.” Kalidasa also shared a powerful poem to inspire him.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s husband Jason Landau also shared a touching message expressing his love and admiration for his partner. He commented, “Your power, your truth, and your willingness are the reasons I fell in love with you. I love you even more today.”

Jackson later posted a video thanking everyone who reached out to him, sharing that he had received more than 2,000 personal messages, texts and comments. She shared that she was overwhelmed by the response, expressing that she “just felt so loved and so grateful.”

Cheyenne Jackson shares her journey to sobriety

Cheyenne Jackson has admitted she relapsed after a decade of sobriety and is opening up about her struggles with alcohol

In March 2021, Jackson in an interview Page six, discussed his sober path. He revealed that he no longer craves alcohol, a major milestone in his recovery.

The “Call Me Kat” actor also shared that she and her husband Landau, whom she met at an AA meeting, had moments when they thought about a glass of wine. “Jason and I had moments where we thought, ‘If we had a glass of wine right now, no one would blame us,'” he shared.

However, he added that they realized they were better off “without alcohol” and invested their time and energy in other activities and passions. “Usually it involves being with the kids and doing something to take your mind off it. But yes, I want relief,” Jackson told the news outlet.

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