Chet Hanks Ventures Into Reality TV After Dedicating Life To God

Chet Hanks has increased his efforts to wipe away his controversial status as the troubled son of Hollywood icons Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Months after converting to Christianity, the media personality has reportedly joined the cast of MTV’s rebooted reality TV series. The 33-year-old will join several famous faces under one roof for the upcoming show.

The new season of “The Surreal Life” marks the entertainer’s first reality TV gig. Before joining the unscripted program, the Los Angeles native made a name for himself in shows like Fox’s beloved “Empire” series.

Chet Hanks To Star Alongside High-Profile Stars In Colombia For First Reality TV Gig

The MTV series is a celebrity surveillance program that debuted on the WB network in 2003 before finding a new home on VHI for its third season. However, “The Surreal Life” show fell off the grid for 16 years before finally returning to the small screen in 2022 on MTV.

Tom Hanks son Chet Hanks is seen first time since his parents reportedly sent him to a wilderness camp for addiction

The new season, per Daily Mail, will premiere later in September with a star-studded cast. The A-listers include the newly converted Christian Chet, the model Josie Canseco, singer Macy Gray, and Fifth Harmony alum Ally Brooke.

Rapper O.T. Genasis, the Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir, and the reality TV queen Kim Zolciak will also join the cast members under one roof in Colombia. However, the “A Man Called Otto” star’s son has yet to confirm his participation in the series, given his wiped social media platform.

Before news of his reality TV project, the 33-year-old announced his newfound devotion to Christ following his previous life as an atheist. The “Shameless” star noted he would devote himself to Jesus and proved his conviction by branding his chest with a crucifix tattoo. 

On his Instagram page, the Los Angeles native unveiled the massive cross ink at the center of his chest, surrounded by other body art, including his daughter’s name, Michaiah. He captioned the shirtless post with a Bible scripture that read:

“Proverbs 3:5-6, Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

The media personality’s new tattoo resonated deeply with his fans, who lauded the 33-year-old with praises. Chet’s crucifix post came after the entertainer wiped his Instagram page clean to begin his new life as a holy man.

Chet Hanks flaunts new religious cross tattoo

In his first post after the social media cleanse, the father of one claimed his controversial appearances over the years were roles he played. “I have been in character for as long as I’ve been in the public eye,” the entertainer began.

“I’ve played many roles and worn many masks. Actor. Rapper. Fitness guy. Lambo guy. None of them are the real me. I am an expert at playing the fool because I learned it as a survival mechanism,” Chet confessed.

The “Maron” actor noted that he acted this way because he lacked Christ’s presence. “All the pain in my life has resulted from one thing – the lie of believing that my purpose is anything but just serving God,” the TV personality penned.

The Los Angeles native concluded his post by encouraging those who felt lost in life to turn to God and believe he was calling them to embrace a “higher purpose.”

Chet Hanks Reflects On His Growth From His Drug Addiction Days To Sobriety

Months before his participation in MTV’s rebooted reality TV series was announced, the “Bratz” actor showed off his impressive transformation after embracing a sober lifestyle. On his Instagram page, the 33-year-old shared side-by-side pictures of his past and present selves.

The first image was a shirtless snap of the TV personality’s current muscular build and tattooed upper body. Chet looked significantly different from his younger self, who was spotted with less body art and did not have the entertainer’s toned physique.

Chet Hanks

Hoping to inspire his followers about the negative impacts of substance abuse, the father of one explained his journey to his best self in the caption. “Left: 32, sober, 220lbs Right: 24, on drugs, 160lbs. I’m posting this to show I am not a naturally big dude,” the media personality began.

“My body type is an ectomorph, meaning I have a naturally high metabolism, so it is hard to put on muscle. Until my late 20s, I didn’t look much different from the picture on the right,” the Los Angeles native continued, adding that he achieved his incredible body by “substituting drinking and doing drugs with training and proper diet.”

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