Cher spends a cozy pre-Grammy night with her younger BF

The 76-year-old goddess of pop, Cher, she didn’t care what the media said about her attraction to younger men. The musician, TV personality and actress rocked each other in a gorgeous dress Alexander “AE” Edwards on Friday. The two walked side by side while holding hands at the pre-Grammy dinner in Beverly Hills.

Although more than twice her age, Cher loves being with Edwards. The 36-year-old’s new relationship comes after he admitted to cheating on ex-girlfriend Amber Rose. While fans were happy for Cher, they warned her to be careful with Edward’s unfaithful past.

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Cher and Alexander Edwards attend the pre-Grammy dinner

Cher's post on her Twitter page

Cher, who previously won a Grammy for her project “Believe” in 2008, attended the pre-Grammy dinner with Edwards, which was held two days before the main event. The iconic singer looked gorgeous in a black top, white zip-up jacket and silver trousers. She and her boyfriend looked happy as they walked hand in hand through the photos Daily Mail.

Following their first outing at Paris Fashion Week, Cher gushed about the music producer two months later. THE “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, the “Strong Enough” singer revealed how much she liked her boyfriend. Amidst the backlash due to their age difference, they get along well. “Well, on paper it’s ridiculous, but in real life we ​​get along great. He is fabulous.”


Cher also commented on how “sweet” and “smart” Edwards is. “He’s very talented and very funny.” She added: “And I think he’s quite handsome.” While recalling her dating timeline, the icon revealed that men her own age don’t like her as much as younger men. She commented, “If I hadn’t met younger men in my life, I would never have dated.”

Cher prefers to date younger men

Cher posts stunning diamond ring, engaged to BF Alexander 'AE' Edwards?

The “After All” singer noted that she never felt loved by men her age and older. While she dated several people her own age, Cher always felt “they just didn’t like her for some reason.” The “Stuck On You” actress also added that she would rather date younger men.

He remembered being comfortable enough to be himself around them. She told Clarkson: “Younger men don’t care that you’re funny and outrageous and want to do stupid things and you know it and you have a strong personality, you know?” Although it wouldn’t be bad to date men her own age, she doesn’t want to “give up her personality” for anyone.

Although they sparked rumors of their relationship as early as September 2022, Cher only recently confirmed their relationship on her Instagram page in January. Cher and Edwards’ romance began after the producer admitted to cheating on his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.

Alexander Edwards cheated on Amber Rose

Amber Rose and Alexander 'AE' Edwards are baby daddy

The star, who shares son Slash Electric with Rose, called it quits with the model in 2021 after more than three years together. Their divorce was followed by several cheating allegations against Rose. The TV personality once called Edwards out for his behavior on Instagram Stories.

At the time, it was a lawsuit Daily Mail, “I’m tired of being cheated on and embarrassed behind the scenes.” He also noted that he cheated on me with over 12 women and asked them out.

“You guys really knew he was in a relationship with a babe and you all decided to fuck him,” she said, adding: “I saw all the texts and DMs. They were all aware of it.”

Although she hated the women for this, Rose noted that they owed her no “loyalty”. Following the allegations, Edwards admitted to cheating on the model on Instagram Live and apologized. However, fans are still worried about Cher and have warned the singer about her cheating habit.

Fans warned Cher about Alexander Edward’s unfaithful past

21 September 2022 - Los Angeles, California - Cher.

After the “Moonstruck” singer announced their relationship, some fans took to Twitter to warn her about Edwards’ history with Rose. In response to one, he noted that he wasn’t “blinded” by his feelings and knew what he was doing.

Based on Daily Mail then he said, “SMOKE DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN (FIRE).” Cher also responded to another fan who was concerned that Edwards would “take advantage.” The star explained that relationships are about taking risks and she’s used to it.

While fans are worried about the global superstar, Cher has long since left relationships that made her uncomfortable. The twice-married star once filed for divorce from her second husband due to his heroin addiction.

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