Cher Is Allegedly ‘Concerned’ About Son, Chaz Bono’s Weight Gain

Chaz Bono, son of Cher and Sonny Bono, is facing concerns over his weight gain. Cher allegedly finds it difficult to discuss the matter as Chaz becomes “super defensive.”

The mother and son are co-producers of “Little Bites,” a horror film that began filming in June. According to a report, stress and food accessibility on set may have contributed to his weight gain. 

In an interview, Chaz explained why the LGBTQ+ community is drawn to horror, citing relatable outsider status and storytelling opportunities. 

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Cher Is ‘Concerned’ About Chaz’s Bono Weight Gain

Cher at the Carol Burnett - 90 Years of Laughter and Love Special Taping for NBC at the Avalon Hollywood

Chaz Bono, the son of music icons Cher and Sonny Bono, is reportedly facing concerns about his weight gain from his close circle.

Recent photos taken during a visit to an L.A.-based chiropractor show a noticeable increase in his weight. Sources allege that the “American Horror Story” actor, who has struggled with weight in the past, has “gained at least 30 pounds.” 

“It’s a classic case of him gorging on carbs and snacks and being unwilling to exercise,” the insider claimed, per Radar Online.

Even Cher, who shares a strong bond with her son, finds it challenging to discuss the issue with him as he becomes defensive when his weight is mentioned. “When Cher, or anyone else, tries to bring it up, Chaz gets super defensive,” she revealed.

Cher And Chaz Bono Collaborate On New Film

Cher at Premiere Of Apple TV +'s "Sidney"

Cher and Sonny Bono recently collaborated as executive producers for the horror film “Little Bites,” which began production in June. Chaz also has a role in the movie, similar to his involvement in “Bury the Bride.”

Reports suggest that stress and easy access to food on set may have contributed to Chaz’s weight gain, potentially affecting his relationship with his girlfriend, Shara Blue. Speaking to National Enquirer, a source close to the couple said, “He isn’t feeling good on any level, and, of course, that comes out at home. Shara is trying to be supportive.”

However, according to Radar, a rep for Cher dismissed the claims, stating that it is “Ridiculous on all counts. Cher has a loving supportive relationship with her son Chaz.”

Chaz Bono Shares His Excitement For New Project

Chaz, who openly shared his journey from coming out as gay to transitioning, expressed excitement about collaborating on his latest horror project with OneFox Productions. “I’m so excited to be working on my second film with OneFox Productions and to be working with my mom Cher is an extra bonus,” the “Becoming Chaz,” star said in a chat with The Hollywood Reporter.

Actress Krsy Fox highlighted the film’s message about parenthood and protection, stating, “This film serves as a dark metaphor for parenthood and protecting your children at all costs. The stakes are high and the outcome is terrifying and gruesome.”

On the other hand, writer and director Spider One appreciates the legendary talent and support surrounding the project. The film is anticipated to deliver a powerful and chilling narrative.

Chaz Bono Explains Why Queer People Are Drawn To The Horror Genre

In a May interview with Pink News, Chaz discussed how horror serves as a welcoming space for the LGBTQ+ community.

From queer-coded horror figures like Nosferatu to modern antagonists, horror’s outsider status resonates with marginalized groups.

Chaz emphasized the genre’s allure to LGBTQ+ individuals and why many queer actors gravitate towards it. “Horror has always been slightly marginalized as a genre. I think it’s that outsider status of the horror movie, the horror fan – it’s very similar. LGBTQI people just gravitate to horror,” he explained.

He further highlighted the storytelling opportunities and character diversity as relatable aspects, adding, “I can only speak for myself, but I do think that the storytelling opportunities, the opportunities to play the different types of characters, the intensity of it – I think it’s just something that we can relate to in a different way.”

As a scream King himself, Chaz revealed he finds joy in portraying offbeat or even villainous characters, which he says is “really what’s fun for me as an actor.”

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