Cher and Alexander Edwards show their love with a musical collaboration

Cher has entered the phase of her relationship with Alexander’ AE’ Edwards where she can happily mix business with pleasure.

Fans of the legendary pop singer would soon enjoy the new music coming to them. But the juicy part is that the “Believe” dude enlists the help of his short-term boyfriend.

Cher says she’s working on new music with boyfriend Alexander Edwards

The pop culture legend told the story on Monday Oh! news on the “Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love” recording about how she’s working on new music and what role the 37-year-old will play.

Alexander AE Edwards

The “Believe” singer admitted she was “excited” to play music with her boyfriend. He said: “I’m going to England to make two albums. Alexander gave me some songs, so I’m really excited. He’s a producer and a writer and he does everything, so I’m happy about that.”

The Oscar winner added that he was confident in some of the numbers he got from Alexander. He quipped: “I think like any artist, when something good happens, you’re excited.”

Mamma Mia! The Here We Go Again actress also laid out plans for a tour later in the year, saying: “I’m trying to get in shape.”

A relationship that seemed too good to be true has undoubtedly reached new heights and is a big deal for lovers who are romantically linked in November 2022. A few days later, she confirmed the relationship by tweeting a photo of “AE” with a red heart emoji.

Since announcing on social media, the duo have been committed to showing their love for each other, even showing off their PDA at a 2023 Grammys party earlier last month. The explosion noted that the duo walked hand-in-hand to the pre-Grammy dinner in Beverly Hills.

The iconic singer looked chic in a black top, monochrome zip-up jacket and silver trousers. She accessorized her striking dress with a platinum blonde hairdo and a black handbag.

When it comes to the age difference between the lovebirds, the “If Could Turn Back Time” singer isn’t fazed by naysayers. Around the time she announced their romance to the world, Cher appeared on the ‘Kelly Clarkson Show’ and told the host how much she likes and adores her beau.


The “Strong Enough” singer stated: “Well, on paper it’s ridiculous, but in real life we ​​get along great. He is fabulous.” Cher continued to rave about the 36-year-old, saying he was “nice, smart, talented, handsome and very funny.”

During the conversation, the “After All” singer shared that she never felt loved by men her age or older when she dated them. He remembered feeling uncomfortable around them.

But he mentioned, “Younger men don’t care if it’s funny or outrageous.”

‘AE’s ex isn’t a fan of his new relationship with Cher

As fans know, Cher’s man previously dated social media influencer Amber Rose. While they publicly broke up when he began his high-profile relationship with The Blast singer reported that Rose was surprised at how quickly she was able to move on.

Amber spills her guts on the “High Low with EmRata” podcast hosted by Emily Ratajkowski. She shockingly told Emily, “I have no heart left, none. My heart is with my children.”

The influencer explained that you don’t have to “give enough to a relationship”, but the presenter mentioned that you shouldn’t make such a strong statement. But she replied, “Well, a week later, he was in another relationship.”

Cher's post on her Twitter page
Twitter | Cher

The conversation turned to motherhood, and Amber and Emily talked about their experiences raising boys. The mother-of-two called her eldest son Sebastian a “feminist” and said she tells him everything about her life, including her time as a stripper and being on OnlyFans.

The model chimed in, saying that she’s teaching her son that bodies are bodies and all deserve respect. She also shared that she wasn’t worried about her son seeing her nude pictures because she was sure he would be proud of her for doing it.

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