Cher Accused of Hiring Men to Kidnap 47-Year-Old Son Revealed

According to a new report, court papers have revealed that music legend Cher allegedly kidnapped her son Elijah Allman while he was trying to reconcile with his wife, Marieangela King.

In a declaration to a Los Angeles court hearing their divorce, King stated that Cher was worried about Elijah’s health, so she arranged the kidnap on their wedding anniversary.

Elijah is reportedly back in a rehab facility after spending six troubled months at Chateau Marmont. Hotel staff contacted Cher because they were worried about his drug use and behavior. However, the actress hasn’t had a good relationship with Elijah and King since they met. 

How Cher Allegedly Kidnapped Her Son Elijah Allman On His Anniversary

Chilling Details Of Cher's Alleged Involvement In Kidnapping Of Her 47-Year-Old Son Elijah Revealed

Court papers obtained by the Daily Mail claim that Cher arranged for her son Elijah Allman to be kidnapped from his hotel room. His wife, Marieangela King, was with Elijah at the New York hotel to reconcile for their wedding anniversary.

King revealed the arranged kidnapping in a declaration for a Los Angeles court hearing during her divorce from Elijah. She claims that Cher was worried about Elijah’s health, which led to the forceful intervention. King stated they’d already spent the previous 12 days trying to work on their relationship.

Chilling Details Of Cher's Alleged Involvement In Kidnapping Of Her 47-Year-Old Son Elijah Revealed

Elijah is Cher’s second child, whom she had with her second husband, the late rockstar Gregg Allman. He married King in 2013, and the have no kids either. Elijah has openly spoken about his drug usage as early as 11 years old and dealt with heroin addiction for several years.

In the declaration, she wrote, “Given the proper time, I believe that we will reconcile. On November 30, 2022, the night of our wedding anniversary, four people came to our hotel room and removed (Elijah) from our room. I was told by one of the four men who took him(Elijah’s) mother hired themmother.”

Marieangela King Is Unaware Of Her Husband’s Current Location

Chilling Details Of Cher's Alleged Involvement In Kidnapping Of Her 47-Year-Old Son Elijah Revealed

King further revealed in her declaration that she was unaware of Elijah’s current health status and location. However, the musician did admit that she knows her husband is in “lockdown at a treatment facility that is undisclosed to me.”

King finished by saying she understands that his family tryingrts to restore her health, and she wants “what is best for my husband.” 

According to the Daily Mail, Elijah is currently in a rehab facility after his worrisome last six months at the infamous Chateau Marmont hotel on Sunset Boulevard hotel.

Hotel Staff Reached Out To Cher Concerning Elijah Allman 

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Insiders revealed to the news outlet that staff at the Chateau Marmont reached out to Cher because they were worried about Elijah. One source said, “Virtually every morning and after noon, Elijah could be seen in front of the hotel on the sidewalk either leaning against the wall or sitting on the sidewalk smoking.”

The source said that staff and passersby would see Elijah passed out after smoking cigarettes that seemed laced. They added, “He looked strung-out and essy,  was a homeless person living on the streets.” Things got so bad that Cher eventually hired a caretaker who waited at the hotel entrance to monitor him.

The troubled situation with Elijah eventually climaxed in mid-September when hotel staff found his lifeless body at the hotel entrance. It was the same day that the “Burlesque” actress had planned to hold an intervention for him. A few days later, police arrived to escort Elijah out of the hotel and take him for another rehab stay.

Cher Has Had A Difficult Relationship With Marieangela King And Her Son

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Since they met in Germany, Cher has famously had a problematic relationship with her son Elijah and his wife, King. They met when Elijah traveled to Germany for specialty treatment due to a problematic episode of his Lyme Disease.

The “Moonstruck” actress allegedly refused to acknowledge their relationship or even congratulate Elijah and King after they eloped. Cher has also reportedly gone several months and sometimes years without talking to her son. 

However, the singer seems to be making an effort now, avisitedsiting him earlier this year at the Chateau. 

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