Chelsea Handler slams Rep. George Santos, resigns

Chelsea Handler Wants Rep. George Santos Out of the House!

The Republican Party member became the talk of the town after people poked holes in his life story, including that his grandparents survived the Holocaust. But things took a wilder turn when a Navy veteran revealed that Santos had defrauded him in an elaborate pet surgery scam in 2016. Handler has subsequently joined calls for Santos’ resignation in recent weeks.

Chelsea Handler calls George Santos a liar in new IG post

Chelsea Handler at the Hollywood premiere of 'Atomic Blonde'

Santos told everything, from the fact that he owns 13 properties and that his mother was in the World Trade Center – the South Tower – on 9/11. Unfortunately, the embellishments don’t stop there, as Handler recently revealed in her public call for her resignation.

The comic star holds a copy of her book ‘Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me’ in a video saying: “I’m here to talk about another notorious liar, George Santos.” It turns out that lying is not the only thing George has in common. I also started at the races,” referring to the side-by-side image that appears in the clip, in which he and Santos appear in formal wear..

While Handler is a little girl wearing a blue satin dress and a ‘Teen of America’ sash, the congresswoman is covered in a red feather dress, some makeup, a wig and diamond accessories.

When the photo faded, the former Chelsea Lately host declared that Santos was “much more than a black Jewish gay college volleyball star whose mother died on 9/11 and then a congressman again a few years later, and that part is true.”

The 47-year-old then took her fans on a journey, highlighting Santos’ denial of being a drag queen before “admitting to dressing up in drag every now and then.” The New York 3rd District representative claimed he was “young and having fun at a festival,” prompting Handler to reply, “Yeah, yeah. For three years.”

“But now this lying, lying, hosiery shopper is being paid to make decisions that are not part of his business,” he added, before referring to his involvement in the 2016 pet scam. “National Lampoon Presents Cattle Call” he continued:

“George also supported Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill. I wonder what Kitara Ravache thinks about this. If that’s not enough, Matt Gates likes it. I think George lied to her about his age and gender.

Handler then encouraged viewers to resign as “George Santos or Anthony Devolder or Vicky Christina Barcelona or whatever the fuck you’ve been called.” If the imperiled MP refuses to leave, the “Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings” executive producer suggested she at least lend “one of her dresses to Majorie Taylor Green.”

“Congressman George Santos, what a drag,” he finished, immediately receiving applause from his fans for the epic content in the comments. One fan called it ‘Chelsea Handler: The Voice of the People’ and another said: ‘These series are the best. Vicky Cristina Barcelona? Genius and taste.”

“Informative, comical – just amazing as always. George Santos (alias Vicky Christina Barcelona) must now resign from Congress. Thanks for making us laugh and bringing attention, Chelsea!” said a third fan.

Representative George Santos meets in the US Capitol in the 118th Congress

A fourth person wondered, “Why do I have to give all the details about myself to rent an apartment, but this person was elected to Congress and nobody knows anything about him?” Meanwhile, a fifth commenter advised Santos: “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.”

The openly gay politician allegedly ran off with $3,000 from a veteran in 2016

An earlier report from The Blast noted that Santos defrauded Navy veteran Richard Osthoff of $3,000. The old man claims he met the Republican while looking for a way to raise money for his service dog, Sapphire.

The dog was diagnosed with a stomach tumor, which meant he had to undergo surgery to have it removed. At that point, a vet tech notified Osthoff of a guy who could help.

So the retired soldier was introduced to Anthony Devolder, a man who ran an animal charity known as Friends of Pets United, who created the alias from his legal name – George Anthony Devolder Santos. As expected, Devolder was willing to raise money for the dog and eventually started a GoFundMe campaign for him, which he closed when he reached the $3,000 mark.

From then on, it was “increasingly difficult to contact” the representative, and he eventually hid from the money. Without the surgery, Sapphire died the following year. Osthoff has since declared his intention to take his meat through the legal system.

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