Charlotte Sena’s Alleged Abductor Hated By His Kids

The Charlotte Sena kidnapping case is yet to see its day in court. However, the man arrested for snatching the young girl has been labeled guilty by his children!

Over the weekend, New York City received a wake-up call about humanity’s dark side when a 9-year-old child was abducted from a park. Fortunately, the little girl was rescued after a three-day search with the culprit, identified as Craig Ross Jr.

This 47-year-old man, with an infamous stalker as his older brother, received zero sympathy from his flesh and blood, with his son brutally bashing him and declaring that he and his sister could care less if Craig died for his crimes. Ouch!

Charlotte Sena’s Kidnapper Loses Ties To His Children As Son Renounces Him

The kidnapping case was resolved on Monday, October 2, after authorities found Charlotte in Craig’s home. Later that day, the suspect’s adult son, Joshua, was spotted on the property with his sister. As seen in footage obtained by TMZ, the young man was queried about his thoughts on the tragic situation.

Naturally, a horrifying abduction case would leave anyone filled with mixed emotions. However, Joshua’s feelings did not include sympathy but profound anger and hatred for his father’s actions. Although his sister was not captured in the cameraman’s shot, she was heard talking to her brother.

The young man noted he and his sister understood the gravity of the situation. Nonetheless, they did not wish to be harassed by paparazzi. Joshua claimed they were no better than strangers to the incarcerated kidnapper.

“He’s in jail. We want nothing to do with him. I couldn’t give a f— if the dude dropped dead tomorrow. I couldn’t give a f— if anything. I could care less,” Joshua claimed. 

Still standing on the balcony, Joshua added: “No, I just told you how I’m feeling.” The man behind the camera did not believe his words and asked for more confirmation, asking, “So you’re saying you want nothing to do with him?”

The question frustrated the young adult, who reaffirmed he had disowned Craig. “No, no, no! He’s disgusting; he’s gross! He should die, I couldn’t care less. That’s how I feel, alright? I couldn’t give a rat’s a– what happens,” the enraged son declared.

Given his harsh criticisms, Craig and his children might have been dealing with a strained relationship before the kidnapping case broke any hope of a future reconciliation. Nonetheless, distancing themselves from an alleged child predator is an understandable reaction.

Charlotte Sena’s Abductor Made A Fatal Mistake That Sealed The Case

Charlotte’s kidnapping case was resolved on the third day of her disappearance from a campground in New York City. The 9-year-old girl had been riding her bike with her friends when she was taken during a solo lap around the Moreau Lake State Park.

Her parents and other campers immediately began searching for her but faced a disturbing reality when Charlotte’s mother discovered her abandoned bike. Authorities put out an Amber Alert for the missing girl after they were notified and joined in the search.

In a news conference, New York Governor Kathy Hochul revealed the kidnapping case made progress on its third day at around 4:20 a.m. Monday morning. A car had dropped by the Sena’s residence and placed a ransom note in their mailbox, unaware of the state police officers watching the house.

Authorities investigated the ransom letter and uncovered fingerprints, which they eventually linked to Craig through a 1999 DWI arrest. The discovery occurred at 2:30 Monday afternoon before officers found the 47-year-old kidnapper hiding behind his mother’s double-wide house in a camper.

“After some resistance, the suspect was taken into custody,” Hochul revealed. Following Craig’s arrest, Charlotte was found tucked inside a cabinet, an emotional moment the governor recalled, saying, “She knew that she was being rescued. She knew that she was in safe hands.”

As stated, Craig is not the only Ross family member with disturbing ties to children. Days before the viral abduction, his older brother, Charles “Chuck” Ross, had been prosecuted for sharing sensual pictures and videos of women and young girls on Instagram.

However, this was not his first crime. In 2008, Charles was arrested for unlawful surveillance in Washington Park. He also caused a stir by filming young girls five years ago and was charged with the crime.

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