Charlie Puth claims he pauses sex to record a tune

Charlie Puth a commitment to music indeed, as he revealed in a recent interview that he once interrupted a love affair to record a song.

At the time, she gave more context to her life, saying she was “getting over someone” through new people. Puth also got candid about the kind of music he adds to his sex playlist, which is mostly jazz.

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Charlie Puth took a break from sex to record a tune

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In a recent chat with him Interview MagazineCharlie Puth has revealed that he once paused sex to record a song. The “Attention” singer claimed that the melody of his song Marks On My Neck randomly came to mind while he was having sex.

He said: “I wrote the song in the middle of the show. Maybe I should have focused a little more on the performance, but the melody kind of popped into my head and I actually stopped, took a quick note, and then got back into the act. But that’s where this tune came from.”

Charlie Puth says he ‘got over somebody’

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Puth shared several connections to what was happening in his life at that time. The singer revealed that he is “getting over someone” by meeting new partners. He said: “It’s probably not going to work out with this person, and I energetically picked up on that, which is fine. It’s all about experience.”

Puth revealed that the song was inspired by his experiences with an ex, saying, “I remember waking up and looking in the mirror and noticing these marks on my neck and they heal and fade every day, but so does a person. who put them on me.” He added, per People magazine, “And we went our separate ways. I’m grateful for the experience, and maybe they are too, but I just thought it was interesting that you can fade at the same rate as the scars on your neck.”

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The “Light Switch” singer also opened up about her love of nudity, which has previously been taken “the wrong way” by people. She talked about appreciating her body features and said she noticed she had a “nice butt.”

Putt added: “What’s wrong with liking your features? I have very long arms and abnormally large hands. That’s probably why I play the piano. I still woke up today and it’s fun to look at yourself naked and enjoy your body.”

Fans respond to the singer’s demand

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Puth’s statements in his talk Interview magazine pausing sex to record a song quickly went viral on social media. Fans took to Twitter to share their shocked and hilarious reactions to the singer’s candid statement.

A tweet read“We should all know less about each other,” while another wrote, “That poor man/woman.” Another fan wrote, “Imagine you are the person you had sex with and stopped and didn’t tell you why.” A fourth note read“The most circumstantial way to say you’re completely exhausted.”

Charlie Puth talks about his sex playlist

Charlie Puth

Later in an interview with the magazine, Puth was asked to share the genres of music he adds to his sex playlist. He said: “It’s usually Roy Ayers, the ‘Oh Honey’ of the delegation. Sometimes just ‘Blue in Green’ by Miles Davis.”

Puth explained that he usually opts for jazz and avoids hip-hop during sex. He said, “Never hip-hop. It also feels like Drake playing in the background.”

Puth first came to prominence in 2011 and has since released three albums. The We Don’t Talk Anymore singer shared that he is working on his next project, which will be released in 2024. Regarding his last album, Charlie, Puth said that he did not consider it a “sexy album”.

He said: “It’s like a lyrical, bad habit self-improvement record where I had to force myself out of a bad habit in a not-so-good relationship and do a lot of self-reflection and get better. person.”

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