Chaney Jones continues to channel Kim Kardashian after Kanye split

Gives a copycat vibe! Chaney Jones and Kim Kardashian are famous for being Kanye “Ye” West’s exes. Except for their relationship with the hip-hop star, the duo could be mistaken for doppelgangers.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” alum needs no introduction as she is one of the most recognized entertainers in the world. From her distinctive features to her massive derrière, the 42-year-old often steals the spotlight.

However, she lost her uniqueness when her ex-husband debuted his relationship with the like. In addition to their similar physiques, the rapper’s new wife exuded the aura of the reality TV star by rocking the same fashion styles and poses.

Although her romance with the GOOD Music founder is over, the social media influencer is still embracing her inner Kardashian… or so netizens believe.

Chaney Jones and Kim Kardashian rock similar outfits from the same brand for the same event

Chaney Jones wears the same dress as Kim Kardashian on the 4th of July

Fourth of July was US Independence Day, a holiday that billionaire Michael Rubin commemorates every year with a star-studded commemoration. This year’s guest list included ex-lovers of the ‘Gold Digger’ artist, who surprisingly donned close matching outfits.

On Instagram page, Jones shared pictures of her glamorous curves in a stunning white Maison Alaïa gown. The sheer bodycon was a model turtleneck with deep striped detailing that accentuated the wearer’s silhouette.

In the case of the media personality, the outfit drew attention to her voluptuous figure, especially her eye-catching back. The model completed her elegant look with flawlessly polished face, earrings, gold bracelets and complimenting heels.

She also accessorized with a unique clutch that features a pear-shaped bag in a clear box. The mental health advocate was all smiles in the pictures and flaunted her beautiful body in mouth-watering poses.

On the other hand, the founder of KKW Beauty from Maison Alaïa donned something similar for the A-list bash, but with a twist. The all-white number consisted of a stomach-flattering striped top that bulged just like Jones’ dress. Kardashian matched the short-sleeved piece with a maxi-ruched skirt.

Kim Kardashian's look for Michael Rubin's 4th of July party

The 42-year-old wore a diamond belly chain with a pearl pendant. While her partner styled her dark locks into a stylish bun, the SKIMS founder let her luscious hair fall in graceful waves over her shoulders.

In true TV star fashion, the host struck striking poses on each slide, ensuring her curves were on full display for fans to admire.

“THE WHITE PARTY OF MICHAEL RUBIN. What a night! He is still recovering!” the TV personality posted a carousel of her look, receiving more than three million likes from her followers. Given the similarity in their outfits, it was no surprise that Jones’ post sent netizens into a frenzy.

Fans heated up over who had a better time in the controversy over Jones’ twinning moment with Kim Kardashian

After eagle-eyed viewers noticed the identical fashion styles of Ye’s former lovers, the comment section was divided between admirers of both women. Fans of the “Disaster Movie” actress called the model a copycat, while others claimed the influencer looked better.

“Wait, didn’t I see Kim in this exact outfit?” Did he copy it from you or did you copy it from him? Someone wondered. “Chaney wore it better than Kim K,” chimed in another in agreement: “You ate Kim what you ate.”

“Why are you copying Kim?” A fourth attacked Jones, with one supporter writing: “Who do you want to be.” A social media user claimed that the “Flashing Lights” rapper’s ex-girlfriend stole Kardashian’s style with gusto. “Why do you always wear something that looks like Kim,” the individual wailed.

“Kim just wore a similar dress from the same designer,” one fan commented, further fueling the perceived copycat narrative. However, others found the situation amusing and noted that female stylists were to blame for the twin moment.

“Kim’s stylist hates her,” one follower teased with another claiming: “Someone’s stylist got fired after wearing similar outfits.” A few trolls popped up, slamming both performers with one person declaring: “If it’s one thing botox is working hard on both of their faces.”

The duo’s twin moment came a year after Ye ended her relationship with Jones. The former couple’s short-lived romance ignited last summer, shortly after they took an extended trip to Japan.

It was not clear who ended things; however, given the Hip-hop star’s history, the father of four has presumably called off their romance. The influencer responded to the split by cleaning his Instagram page of the Yeezy founder’s presence.

After her split from the Donda Academy founder, Chaney Jones hit a rough patch financially as she took to social media to ask her followers to send her money.

Newly single Kanye West leaves his hotel with new girlfriend Chaney Jones in Miami.  March 3, 2022 Pictured: Kanye West;  Chaney Jones;  Yes.  Photo: MEGA +1 888 505 6342 (Mega Agency Tag ID: MEGA833951_001.jpg) (Photo via Mega Agency)

It just so happened that the COO of First State Behavioral Health posted a boomerang of herself looking gorgeous in a diamond necklace and pink top with the caption, “Fk flowers, send $100,000.”

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