Chad Stahelski: ‘John Wick 5’ Could Happen

“It’s very flattering that they’re coming back and saying, ‘We want more,’ and it’s not just a cash grab,” Stahelski said of the enthusiastic response to the fourth film.

"John Wick: Chapter 4"

“John Wick: Chapter 4”

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The overwhelmingly positive response to “John Wick: Chapter 4” led to immediate speculation about a fifth film. While it’s clear the franchise will be around for a while yet, thanks to the upcoming spin-offs “Ballerina” and “The Continental,” there’s been no official announcement of another movie starring Keanu Reeves front and center.

Many fans have openly wondered if the film’s ending lends itself to another film (no spoilers!), but the team behind the films continues to deny that the franchise is over. Chad Stahelski, who has directed all four “John Wick” movies so far, says it’s just a matter of finding the right idea.

Appear The Hollywood Reporter Behind the Screen podcast, Stahelski admitted that no one has had time to seriously think about a fifth “John Wick” movie yet. But if the right idea comes along, he’s confident the team will be open to it.

“It’s very flattering that they come back and say ‘we want more’ and it’s not just a cash grab. The audience legitimately wants more,” Stahelski said. “I think we all need that little bit of time to say, ‘Wow. Let’s see what happens next. … If Keanu and I sit down again in a whiskey bar in Japan in a few months and say, ‘Yeah, we’re never going to do that again,’ and then suddenly say, ‘Yeah, but I have an idea, we’re open to it.’

Stahelski’s comments are consistent with what franchise producer Basil Iwanyk told IndieWire recently. Iwanyk made it clear that while the fourth film’s ambiguous ending would be a fitting end to the series, the creative team is very open to making another film if they can decide on the right idea.

“Just on a personal level, we can’t break up the band yet,” Iwanyk said. “If the film does really well and people like it, and if there’s a germ of an idea, then we entertain it. We are very far from that. I’m not saying there will be a sequel, but if there’s a world where we can find a story, we’ll explore it.”

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