Carlos Santana is gushing about his marriage to wife Cindy Blackman

Carlos Santana – she opened up about her marriage to the jazz drummer in an interview Cindy Blackman, which reveals that he prayed for a loving partner after his divorce from Deborah King. Santana and Blackman got engaged on stage in 2010 and married in Maui.

Santana shares a deep passion for music and art with Blackman, and they enjoy talking about artists like Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix. Despite the pain of her divorce from King, Santana feels lucky to have found love again.

The legendary artist also strives to offer “hope and courage” to others, reflecting on his own journey of self-acceptance, embracing his inner child.

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Carlos Santana was praying for a “queen” before he met Cindy Blackman

Carlos Santana Opens Up About His Marriage to Second Wife Cindy Blackman, Says He's Been Praying For A 'Queen'

Legendary musician Carlos Santana had a crystal clear idea of ​​what he wanted in love, and fate matched him with the remarkable jazz drummer Cindy Blackman Santana.

In an interview People magazinethe legendary 75-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer opened up about his beloved partner, now 63, for whom he fervently prayed after his 2007 divorce from his first wife, Deborah King.

“I meditated and talked to God and said, ‘I need a queen to come home to share this. Love is unconditional and I need someone to love me and grow with me,” she said. “And the next thing I know, here comes Cindy.” As Cindy walked like a New York woman full of confidence. I said “damn”.

Carlos Santana and Cindy Blackman tied the knot in Maui, Hawaii

Carlos Santana Opens Up About His Marriage to Second Wife Cindy Blackman, Says He's Been Praying For A 'Queen'

Santana, the subject of the new documentary Carlos, which premiered June 17 at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, and Blackman got engaged onstage in July 2010 after an electrifying performance. They tied the knot that December, amidst the idyllic splendor of the Ritz. -Carlton in Maui, Hawaii.

Based on People, the pair have a deep passion for music and can talk endlessly about artists like Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix. They also enjoy traveling to Europe, exploring museums, and talking about brilliant artists like Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, and Igor Stravinsky.

“I’ve always been into strong women because my mom was like that,” Santana revealed. “The way (Cindy) looks at me, the way she touches me, it’s like she’s my best friend.”

His divorce from Deborah King

Carlos Santana at We Love NYC: The Homecoming concert" in Newyork

Santana is the proud father of his children Salvador, Angelica and Stella, who are 40, 33 and 38 years old. All three children were born during her 34-year marriage to King.

According to Santana, the joy of their marriage “disintegrated” in 1999, around the time of her hit album “Supernatural.” “Deborah told me she thought I was living la vida loca, taking care of the kids and the business. What was missing was our time,” Per shared People.

Speaking about the pain of the breakup, the iconic hitmaker added: “When we split up, it was really hurtful; it felt like someone had ripped open my heart and shot dry ice into it. I couldn’t believe it was over because we never knew divorce in my family.”

Despite her heartbreak, Santana considers herself incredibly lucky to have found love again. Referring to Blackman, she said, “I know I got what I needed and now we share our lives.”

Carlos Santana wants to offer people “Hope and Courage”.

Carlos Santana Opens Up About His Marriage to Second Wife Cindy Blackman, Says He's Been Praying For A 'Queen'

In an honest revelation People magazinethe guitarist shared that he was initially uncomfortable with the fame, but has gone through a transformational journey where he now finds joy in his accomplishments by viewing them through the lens of his childhood self.

Reflecting on his transformation, Santana said, “It’s a fun time right now because I still have a seven-year-old Carlos in me who looks at life like, ‘What are we going to get into today?’ The singer added: “I’m just getting started and everything has prepared me for this.”

Driven by a deep desire to inspire and uplift others, the iconic musician strives to give people “hope and courage,” rooted in the lessons he learned from his early years. Santana insists on the belief that it “gives the listener a heartfelt hug and justifies its existence.”

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