Cardi B YEETS Mic At Fan As Revenge, Gets Caught Lip Syncing!

Cardi B couldn’t quite control her temper when one fan threw her drink at her while she was onstage in Los Angeles. The rapper showed she could throw things too, as she yeeted her mic at the fan in retaliation, and got her too! Meanwhile, while fans weigh in on the rights and wrongs, why was Cardi B lip-syncing?

Cardi B Throws Mic After Getting Splashed With Drink

Cardi B hurls microphone at drink-tossing fan

On Saturday, Cardi B was performing onstage at a Las Vegas venue when an overexcited fan seemingly threw her drink at Cardi B, retaining the glass and splashing her with the liquid. A shocked Cardi B promptly shook off the liquid and bopped her mic at the offender, seemingly hitting her. In one of the videos of the incident on Twitter, the rapper is shown getting splashed by the liquid and ice from a drink, as she retaliated before the security intervenes and escorts the woman out of the venue. The rapper, wearing a semi-sheer orange dress, remained on stage and adjusted her hair while pursuing her lips in distaste.

Yet another angle of the video also showed Cardi B yelling at the person who threw the drink. It seems she’s taken a page right off Adele’s rant when she addressed the audience at her LV residency, saying, “Have you noticed how people are like forgetting f—ing show etiquette at the moment and people are throwing s–t on stage? Have you seen that? I f—ing dare you, I dare you to throw something at me, I’ll f—ing kill you.”

You can’t dare to throw things at Cardi B either, because she’ll whack you back!

Fans Are Over The Throw But Not the Lip-Syncing

Cardi B hurls microphone at drink-tossing fan

The drink thrown on Cardi B follows a string of similar incidents that have happened to various artists throughout the summer. Bebe Rexha got bopped in the face by a phone, needing stitches, while Ava Max was recently slapped by a concertgoer. Drake got a vape thrown at him while Harry Styles seemed to getting lots of bouquets and bras. While the drink seems innocuous, some fans felt it could have been anything, including harmful chemicals. Plenty of fans seemed to side with the rapper as one wrote, “She did what needed to be done! people need to stop throwing stuff at performers.”

More echoed, “People seriously need to stop throwing stuff on stage at celebs!”

Another Tweet read: “This trend of attending female artists’ sets just to attack them is disgusting and I hope everyone participating gets that energy BACK. “It doesn’t only happen to women” I’m aware but right now I’m clearly highlighting WHEN it does happen to women.”

For others, the harder pill to swallow was that Cardi B was lip-syncing. When she stops rapping into the mic, the playback can be clearly heard and no one seemed a big fan of that as one wrote, “That’s cool how she kept rapping without a mic and without moving her lips! That’s talent!”

Meanwhile, Cardi B is more than happy to use her current popularity and take it higher, even she retweeted a video of her getting her revenge!

Fans Root for Cardi B’s Mean Left Throw

Cardi B and Offset tease new single title "Jealousy"
Instagram | Cardi B

For many fans, it was simply the dawning knowledge that Cardi B is a lefty, given that she switched hands to throw the mic. Others felt that Cardi B made them feel safe as one Tweeted, “If s–t goes down when the world ends u need Cardi on your side.” The memes were quick to flood Twitter given that Cardi B’s aim was on point!

Here’s the new Lady Liberty, and she looks mad!

That said, not everyone’s a fan:

Meanwhile, Cardi B does seem to be on a mic-throwing rampage given that just a day before this incident, she was filmed throwing her microphone, this time at a DJ at Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub in Las Vegas, after she was seemingly cut off while performing.

Others feel the rapper needs to calm down, given that the fan did apologize for throwing the drink.

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